other master, Taoist Master Tongtian, was also among them.

Changsun Shenghai flew silently to Dao Ji Tianwai, thinking: “There are heroes on the other side, but now the other side can no longer accommodate him.”
He was flying towards the Sea of ??Chaos, preparing to borrow the power of the Sea of ??Chaos to remove the imprint of Dao Master Lin in the Nirvana Fire Spear.
On the other side, Xu Ying is also stepping up his efforts to refine the Nirvana Blue Sky Lamp. This lamp is a pure Nirvana spiritual treasure. It contains the extremely terrifying Nirvana Avenue. It is unknown which universe’s chaotic spiritual root it is.
Dao Master Hua has not practiced the Great Way of Nirvana and cannot leave any mark on this treasure at all. Therefore, he does not need to use the sea of ??chaos to wash away its mark. He can just leave his own mark on the blue sky lamp.
At Xuankong Ridge, Hua Daozhu and others did not have time to set up a formation, so they just worked together to besiege and severely damaged Luo Taizong. This time, the avenue of heaven and earth has been weakened, the other side has been divided, and the Taoist masters of the heaven realm are helping out, setting up a trap of heaven and earth. I am afraid that Luo Taizong will not be able to escape!
Everyone looked solemn and did not speak, only the sound of Taoism vibrated.
Luo Taizong shook his head and said: “Shizong, Chengcheng, Chuanting, you are still so useless. In order to deal with me, you even smashed the other side to pieces, ignoring all living beings. The evil you have done in the past 100 million years has exceeded me. Billions of years of evil.”
/Master Luo said solemnly: “Father God, over the past 100 million years, the other shore has ruled the universe, prospered, and given birth to countless immortals, which are better than you have ever known! You better not put gold on your face! ”
Dao Master Lin took a step forward and shouted: “You control all races and let demigods, divine blood and mortals kill each other, just to maintain your dominance! You are so cruel!”
Luo Taizong’s eyes were as bright as fire, and he said calmly: “Shuzi’s opinion! I am a ruler and an ancient god. Of course, I must work hard for the ancient god clan and maintain the rule of the ancient gods. How can I betray my own race and support you? Now, you, You are the rulers, will you betray yourselves and hand over power to others?”
Dao Master Luo and Dao Master Lin made eye contact with him, but they did not dare to look at him.
There was only magnanimity in Luo Taizong’s eyes.
Frankly bad.
But Dao Master Luo, Dao Master Lin, and the others are not magnanimous enough. When they do evil, they must bear the name of righteousness and be blamed for their misfortunes.
Luo Taizong’s eyes fell on the face of Holy King Xuannv, and he sneered: “Xuannu, you are also an ancient god, but you betrayed your own race, thinking you were pure and pure, but you didn’t know you were stupid! You overthrew my rule, what will be your fate? ”
Holy King Xuannv took a step forward,