usang tree in Tanggu, was frightened.

Wei Xiaobei understood this golden crow clearly from the experience of possessing it for thousands of years. Even though it lived longer than ordinary humans for hundreds of lifetimes, it was still just a child of a few years old.
No way, mythical beasts like the Golden Crow have such long lifespans that they can barely grow up even after thousands of years.
Fortunately, after this disaster, the Golden Crow seemed to have matured mentally in an instant, and he went to work honestly every day, but when he returned to the Fusang Tree, he began to practice.
Wei Xiaobei had to go through such boring and headache-inducing days for hundreds of years before it was time for Jinwu to miss his brothers and practice the magical power of avatars.
I don’t know how long time passed. Suddenly, Wei Xiaobei woke up from the memory of the supernatural seed. Countless pores in his body naturally opened, and then spewed out extremely hot light and heat from these countless pores!
Suddenly, the entire villa from top to bottom was enveloped in endless light and heat.
As soon as it was enveloped by this extremely hot light, the villa immediately burst into flames.
The burning villa mixed with light and heat, shockingly forming a huge burning fireball.
The people in charge of security in the villa area were startled one after another, but they were unable to contact Wei Xiaobei. In the end, they had to mechanically follow the security rules and start reporting.
And the news finally reached Huang Kun.
Huang Kun, who originally had a headache when dealing with various affairs, couldn’t help but feel overjoyed and hurriedly rushed towards the villa area like a monkey.
The senior officials of various departments were also alerted and rushed towards the villa area.
No way, although as a large number of islanders moved to Qingmu Paradise, the importance of this villa area has been reduced by several levels.
But after all, it is the core area of ??Weijia Island, and the homes of high-level officials from various departments are also located here. How can we not let them pay attention to it.
By the time Huang Kun and others arrived at the villa area, the size of the huge fireball had expanded a lot, engulfing dozens of surrounding villas.
Even standing five or six hundred meters away, Huang Kun and others could still feel the incomparable heat coming from the fireball, causing their skin to become hot and painful.
Fortunately, before the fireball spread, the common people had moved all the surrounding residents out, without causing any casualties.
/After a little trial and error, all Huang Kun and others had to do was wait.
This can be considered helpless.
The huge fireball had no tendency to go out when it burned. From the general population, it was known that the center of the fireball was Wei Xiaobei. In addition, there was no way to contact Wei Xiaobei. Huang Kun and others did not dare to act rashly. The most they could do was to arrange manpower. Just demolish the surrounding vi