ness 3, Leadership 3, Physical Attractiveness 3)

Skill: Spring comes out of dead wood (when seriously injured, recovery ability is increased by 50%.)
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Possessions: None.
Looking at the attribute table of the human-shaped wooden stake No. 3, Wei Xiaobei finally understood. This human-shaped wooden stake is completely a thick-skinned guy, with extremely high strength, extremely weak agility, and strong endurance. As for other attributes, basically They are all weaklings.
But its dead tree blooming in spring is quite powerful, but its health attribute is a bit low. If the health attribute is higher, combined with the dead tree blooming in spring, it will be at least a two-star terrifying attribute.
In any case, Wei Xiaobei also discovered that the attributes of this humanoid stake were somewhat different from his own. It did not have many attributes to reach the 2-star elite limit.
Of course, it is understandable that he is a monster in the gray world and is different from me.
The question is, does this human-shaped stake have muscles?
“Brother Wei, what kind of monsters are those?”
Just when Wei Xiaobei was thinking about how to deal with this monster, he heard Zhu Xinyi’s voice. He looked up and saw that Huang Kun, Zhu Xinyi and a group of greenskins were already coming.
“You guys wait a minute, I’ll go over and take a look.”
Wei Xiaobei looked at the outdoor martial arts arena, feeling vaguely uneasy, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Even his instinct for detecting danger seemed to have lost its effect at this time.
After giving instructions to the two of them, Wei Xiaobei calmed down and stepped into the outdoor martial arts arena.
But what happened next was something Wei Xiaobei never expected.
/The moment he stepped into the outdoor martial arts arena, a ball of red light immediately enveloped him. The next moment Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were dazzled, but he found himself on the lime line on the opposite side of the outdoor martial arts arena.
At this moment, two soft exclamations came. Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw Huang Kun, Zhu Xinyi and even the green-skinned dwarves all shrouded in red light.
The next moment, Huang Kun was moved by the red light to the corner of the left wall, while Zhu Xinyi was moved to the corner of the right wall. The two faced each other across the martial arts field.
This was nothing, but the trouble was that as the two entered the outdoor martial arts arena, the saplings they approached began to shake, and their slender roots were pulled out one after another.
These saplings are monsters too!
Wei Xiaobei knew that there were not many normal plants in this gray world.
The sound of breaking through the air came, and Wei Xiaobei subconsciously stepped back, huh? Can’t retreat! Can’t leave beyond the lime line!
At this point, the three of them were completely separated by the strange changes in the outdoor martial arts arena!
A huge human-shaped wooden pile had already approached Wei Xiaobei, and it