almost jump was when King Lanling drew the warrior

“Prince Lanling is going to be cold!”
“Why did you meet the samurai when you came up?”
“The robots are so ruthless that they actually met the elves. This is a battle between the king of singers and the queen of singers!”
“It’s great!”
“Prince Lanling will sing “Liangliang” again today.”
“You’re laughing so hard, Tongtong will always have bad hands!”
“His trump card is that the singing king like Samurai hasn’t exploded yet!”
“Prince Lanling is not the King of Singers. He should have given his best in the previous games, but now he has no energy left.”
“So that’s it.”
“In the previous competitions, the singers and singers only had to ensure that they would not be eliminated. Then it is time for them to stretch out their fangs. If you don’t believe me, keep watching.”
There were barrage hits.
The audience cheered.
Rabbit sings first.
As soon as he opened his mouth, the audience was shocked to find:
Extremely strong!
Rabbit’s presence during the qualifying period was average, but today’s performance far exceeded that of the qualifying period!
“So they are all hiding their strength?”
“Now we are fighting with bayonets, so everyone broke out?”
“Where’s the Bubble Fish?”
The audience finally felt the cruelty of the team competition!
Bubblefish appears.
As a result, Bubble Fish started singing, and the audience became even more excited!
Bubblefish is also hiding his strength!
She didn’t give her full performance before!
In this scene, Paoyu actually sang a song called “White Rose” by Xianyu. His skillful Qi language made the audience begin to suspect that Paoyu might not really be Zhao Yingchrome, but a certain first-line singer from Qizhou.
sounds amazing!
Perfect play!
In the excitement of the audience.
Bubblefish received 590 votes and Rabbit received 410 votes.
Because it is a live broadcast, the result is announced directly after the counter singer finishes singing.
There were seven hundred spectators today.
Fifty public judges.
and four judges.
The audience has one vote each, the public judges each have two votes, and the judges each have fifty votes. The total number of votes for each performance is one thousand.
Whichever singer gets more than 500 votes can definitely win over his opponent.
“Hahaha, the first one will lose!”
“Sure enough, whoever strikes first will lose!”
“Backhand is the way to go!”
“It’s still fun to play as a team!”
/“If I don’t argue with you, I will win or lose!”
The barrage was ridiculing.
The rabbit sang first, but the rabbit lost. Isn’t this just in compliance with the truth that “the one who strikes first will lose”?
“King Lanling!”
“The one waiting is King Lanling!”
“This scene with Prince Lanling is what I’m most looking forward to!”
“Ah ah ah, is Prince Lanling about to reveal his face?”
“The cool moonlight makes me miss you like a river”
“If you draw the samurai, it’s the lottery of death!”
“As soon as King Lanlin