the power to punish mortals who offend the power of the Five Intentions God!

It is said that now, even the local police station has no way to deal with him.
The biggest indignation among the people is that the five-minded god is the most lustful, so the chief priest’s biggest task every day is to search for beautiful women everywhere and offer them to the five-minded god for enjoyment.
It is said that some pretty girls in the local middle school were too scared to go to school and hid at home in an attempt to escape the disaster.
It was probably rare for the middle-aged man to meet someone like Wei Xiaobei who was willing to listen to him, so Balabala talked a lot in one breath.
Just when the middle-aged man was still a little unfinished, the team that invited the gods to wander around the street had already come over. At the head of the group was a sturdy man holding a plate of whips, and his ears were very pointed. He heard what the middle-aged man said. Some words said.
Obviously, what the middle-aged man said would not be a big problem if it were heard by normal people, but if it fell into the ears of these devout believers of the Five-Intention God, it would be a very malicious slander of the Five-Intention God. To put it simply, It is a blasphemy to the gods they believe in!
The long whip in the strong man’s hand shook slightly and he whipped it toward the crowd of middle-aged men.
Immediately, the passers-by who had stopped to watch the excitement turned around and ran away in fear, but even so, several people were hit by the long whip and screamed in pain.
However, the middle-aged man who spoke cheerfully was not drawn because someone was blocking the disaster.
But even so, the middle-aged man was so frightened that his face turned black and he kept retreating.
“Catch this blasphemous guy! When the uncle returns, let him have a taste of what teppanyaki is!”
The burly man was probably the leader of the group. He used his whip to injure people. He showed no trace of shame on his face. Instead, he ordered several young men who looked like gangsters to rush over with a vicious voice.
The middle-aged man wanted to run, but maybe he was too timid, so his legs trembled with fear, and his knees weakened and he collapsed to the ground.
However, this middle-aged man’s legs were frightened, but he did not forget to complain about Wei Xiaobei: “You have made me suffer!”
/Previously, the middle-aged man said that the Wuyi Sect was doing evil in the local area. Wei Xiaobei probably would not believe one person’s words, but now just from the actions of one of the small leaders, he knew how evil the Wuyi Sect was in the local area. .
Not to mention randomly whipping pedestrians on the street, but just saying that he wanted to bring a middle-aged man back for lynching, it is known that he was probably used to doing this kind of thing.
What’s more, Wei Xiaobei heard something familiar from the middle-aged man’s words.
Of course, this is not to say that this is the same as Wei Xiaobei spreading the be