n the bristles fell off a lot, which shows that the injury was not too minor.

The giant pen fairy in desperate state really burst out with a speed that had never been seen before. Not only did he throw away the ink gun that stabbed him, but he then rushed into the sky at a speed that even Wei Xiaobei could not catch up with.
At this time, the giant dish fairy on the ground had just rolled over. Wei Xiaobei couldn’t catch up with the giant pen fairy, so he simply turned and killed the giant dish fairy.
The giant dish fairy was probably used to being domineering and domineering. When he saw Wei Xiaobei charging down, he didn’t think much, and a curse fell on Wei Xiaobei.
Qisi Yunv’s waist card has once again made meritorious service! The green light bloomed and dispelled the curse again.
The giant dish fairy that was caught off guard was shot through by the ink gun!
This giant dish fairy was still in a state of incorporeal form, but after being penetrated by the ink gun, it could not maintain its body. It suddenly exploded into a ball of green mist and quickly escaped from the ink gun.
It has to be said that whether it is a giant pen fairy or a giant dish fairy, they are not slow when escaping for their lives.
The green mist transformed by the giant dish fairy also rushed into the sky at this time. When it caught up with the giant pen fairy, it slowly returned to the shape of a dish.
/But what made Wei Xiaobei’s eyes suddenly shrink was that a small pool of black ink appeared out of thin air in the white plate that had returned to smoothness!
peat! Are you preparing for a big move?
Looks like I hit them too hard!
The giant dish fairy actually condensed ink on its own initiative, and the giant pen fairy also abandoned the dispute between the two parties at this time, and the pen tip sank into the ink on the dish.
It was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to say that he had not thought that the two might cooperate against him.
But even so, Wei Xiaobei’s back still felt a little cold when he saw the giant brush covered with ink.
It has to be said that the impact this giant pen fairy had on Wei Xiaobei was quite profound.
With a soft sound, the giant brush flicked its tip, and a drop of black ink fell from the tip and flew towards Wei Xiaobei.
No matter how fast the flying speed of the giant pen fairy is, it is limited, but the ink thrown out from the tip of its pen is like a missile, breaking through the air and shooting at a speed that is beyond the reach of the naked eye!
The only choice Wei Xiaobei could make at this time was to avoid the drop of black ink and rush towards the giant pen fairy through the air. At the same time, the Soul-Destroying Bell on Wei Xiaobei’s right hand rang again. stand up.
Poof, the black ink that failed to hit Wei Xiaobei only made a soft sound and fell to the ground.
In an instant, the black ink turned into black and white and spread rapidly around.
In just a few breaths, everything within a diameter of more than thirty meters, including shrubs, trees, grass, and soil,