e this white ball of light is very high, and if the shredded meat touches it even slightly, it will be burned to ashes.

But there were too many shredded meats, which were sprayed out continuously, and with the contact with the white ball of light, the heat resistance of the shredded meats also increased.
Although after reaching the extreme level, the flesh strands could only last less than half a breath in front of the white ball of light.
But this was enough. The fleshy threads covered it layer by layer, and within a few breaths, the white ball of light was completely enveloped and dragged back.
In fact, even if the white ball of light escaped, it would not be possible to escape from the Aoki Blessed Land, and it would only cause some trouble for Wei Xiaobei.
/When Wei Xiaobei grabbed the white light ball in his hand, the seraph’s body could no longer support it, and countless white light feathers continued to emit in front of Wei Xiaobei, less than five or six times in front and behind. When it was time to rest, the seraph disappeared without a trace.
In this quagmire, the content of positive energy has increased by more than thousands of times, and even the mud is emitting a white brilliance.
This is a normal situation. The seraph was originally a body built with positive energy.
If it were in its heyday, the positive energy released by the disintegration of its body would probably turn this area into a land of light. Now it is just the mud that emits light, which is already very weak.
Then Wei Xiaobei checked the white ball of light, and immediately discovered that there was a miniature version of the Seraphim in the white ball of light!
So, Wei Xiaobei finally understood that this white ball of light should be the soul of a seraph or something like that.
However, Wei Xiaobei still used his omniscience to check the properties of the white light ball.
Name: Seraph Soul Ball (Perfect Immortal)
Introduction: This object is created by the Lord of Glory using his divine power. Various memories are instilled in it, including but not limited to combat skills and methods of using positive energy. As long as enough positive energy is obtained, this soul ball can be used as a weapon. The core can give birth to a seraph. Note: This soul ball is absolutely loyal to the Lord of Glory.
Effect 1: Create seraphs.
Sure enough, this white ball of light was the soul of the Seraph, but it was just a soul ball created by the Lord of Glory.
It feels a little scary to think about it. Just such a white ball of light can give birth to a seraph!
But this thing was only of perfect fairy quality, which surprised Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei made some calculations and gave up the idea of ??giving birth to a new seraph.
If the positive energy required is calculated in terms of sunlight, it would require tens of thousands of square kilometers of solar panels to absorb sunlight for a whole year, and of course it may be more.
Besides, the seraphs born from this thing are still loyal to the Lord of Glory.
/In this way, even if Wei