l clone flew into the special space fragment and activated the signal.

Soon, the spiritual clones of the four archbishops appeared.
“Everyone, not long ago Lord Arthur used the energy weapons of the Interstellar Federation to launch a brazen attack on the temple’s ‘Star Sky Ship’. As a result, nearly three thousand priests in the War Temple died. I hope the four archbishops can help capture Ya Lord Se!” Archbishop Guy said in a deep voice.
The losses this time were quite heavy. Even after the war with the Zerg world, the War Temple did not lose many people.
/There are too many places where priests are needed in the War Temple, and the number of priests that can really be mobilized is not large.
You must know that the Temple of War has branch temples on many planets throughout the entire divine world. These branch temples require the garrison of priests, which disperses a large number of priests from the Temple of War.
Of course, the War Temple has more than this, but Lord Arthur is obviously on guard. If he wants to deal with Lord Arthur again, the price he needs to pay will be high.
Archbishop Guy didn’t want to pay a higher price, so he thought of asking the other four major temples to help.
This requires a reasonable excuse, an excuse for the four major temples to take action.
“Archbishop Guy, I’m afraid you don’t know yet. The video of you being attacked outside the Garmi planet has been spread throughout the divine world. It is estimated that except for some low-level nobles, most of the nobles know about it.” Archbishop Dale said calmly.
“The Supreme Council sent an application for assistance in the investigation. An unknown force wanted to invade Lord Arthur’s private domain. Although it did not achieve its goal, this behavior is already a provocation to the aristocratic system!” Archbishop Barney continued.
“It’s not that we don’t want to help you, but it’s not appropriate for us to take action in this situation!” Archbishop Julian expressed his opinion.
“Archbishop Guy, don’t think about us interfering. This is God’s test for you!” Archbishop Ambrose finally said.
Archbishop Guy’s face was very ugly. He did not expect Lord Arthur to move so quickly, nor did he expect Lord Arthur to do this, placing the failure of the War Temple in front of all the forces in the divine world.
If this attack succeeds, it won’t matter even if the Supreme Council has objections.
But the problem is that the War Temple failed to capture Lord Arthur, but the War Temple’s arrest of top nobles for no reason caused a stir.
“Then there’s no need for you to take action. If the little knight dares to despise the Temple of War, he will definitely pay the price!” After Archbishop Guy said this, he waved his hand and disappeared.
“The War Temple has been too active recently, and its momentum has suppressed us. But after this time, regardless of whether we can successfully capture Lord Arthur, the momentum of the War Temple will be greatly reduced!” Archbishop Adele chuckled without any scruples. said.
“It’s a bit strange. A