though the mutated dock does not have much wisdom, it also understands the importance of etiquette! With a twist, the huge body was like a long whip, and it was whipped towards the seraph.

The seraphs had no choice but to rush high into the sky. The mutated pier was too long, and they could hit the seraphs’ position with just a single pull.
But when the Seraphim flew high into the sky and hit the transparent space barrier, they realized that the sky in this space was too low. It was only more than 500 meters from the land! It’s not even as long as the mutated dock’s body!
As a result, the Seraphim had to jump to the side, because at this time, the body of the mutated dock came over again.
This way of fighting makes the Seraphim quite frustrated!
/In previous battles, either the white light beams ejected from the Seraphim’s long sword pressed down on the opponent, or the Seraphim dodge the opponent’s attack at extremely fast speeds and counterattacked at the same time, thus quickly defeating the opponent.
But the giant monster in front of him didn’t look like much. It looked like a stone monster, but in fact it was extremely durable. The white beam of light fell on it and it didn’t react much at all.
Flip it over, Seraphim is less afraid to withstand the opponent’s blow!
Of course, even at this time, Seraphim did not think that there was any possibility of failure. The most he could do was spend more time and slowly grind this monster to death.
Besides, the Seraphim believed that they still had powerful trump cards, so they naturally didn’t have much to worry about their situation.
But Wei Xiaobei was not willing to give Seraphim too much time.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei could feel that his own space was slowly beginning to exclude the presence of the Seraphim.
This is an inevitable phenomenon.
If space is a living creature, then this seraph is a very powerful foreign object in the body to the space. The seraph does not belong to Wei Xiaobei’s space.
For foreign objects in the body, the immune system of living things has only two options, one is to engulf it, and the other is to reject it.
Obviously, it is simply impossible to devour the Seraphim with the power of space itself.
The only option left is rejection.
That is to say, the seraphs are gradually sent out of space!
Even Wei Xiaobei cannot control this process at this time, just like the consciousness of a living thing cannot control the immune system in the body.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei needs to defeat the Seraphim before space completely repels them!
Of course, space’s increasing rejection of seraphs also has a benefit, that is, seraphs feel more and more suppressed in space. Even when flying in the air, they feel that the air has become heavier.
This caused the Seraphim to once again target the fireball in the air.
Obviously, only by breaking the fireball can he get rid of this increasingly strong rejection!
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei showed up and rushed towards the Seraphim with a big gun, forcing it to turn its long sword and strike at