ray world is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice.

At least the real Baita County is a hundred times safer than the gray world!
Returning to the reality of renting a house, Wei Xiaobei did not rush to organize his thoughts. Instead, he went downstairs and left the community. He went straight to the snack street in the east of Baita County, found a charcoal grill restaurant, and ordered a lot of squid. They also had fish and other seafood, and the boss gave them two boxes of beer, and they had a feast.
This actually made the owner of the charcoal grill shop speechless.
You know, business during this period is not as good as before.
To be honest, it’s rare to see such a wealthy person eating so much in one meal, even when business is good.
After Wei Xiaobei had eaten and drank enough, he slowly returned to his rental apartment with a certain amount of drunkenness. After taking a shower, he fell on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.
Wei Xiaobei slept for three days and three nights during this deep sleep.
When he woke up, he was full of energy, and all the mental fatigue left in the Chenghuang Temple had dissipated.
After washing up, Wei Xiaobei sat down on the bed, ready to sort out what he had studied previously.
This is a necessary process.
For now, Wei Xiaobei’s current mysterious knowledge related to space is mainly divided into three parts.
To put it simply, this part of the space mysteries belongs more to entry-level applications.
This part of the space has the least mysteries, but it is the most simple. In terms of understanding, it is second only to the part taught to Qi Si Yunv.
Therefore, the spatial mysteries that Wei Xiaobei actually possesses are relatively scattered and vary widely. It is like a student who has learned several parts of knowledge at the same time, and these knowledges are slightly intertwined, making the differences between these parts of knowledge almost impossible. It is difficult to use it flexibly.
What Wei Xiaobei needs to do now is to integrate these three parts of space mysteries to form a relatively complete space mysteries system.
/Well, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know how long the sorting and fusion would take, so before starting the sorting and fusion, he took out his satellite phone and called Tu Qingqing, Zhu Xinyi, Zhao Guang and others, explaining that after he had been in seclusion for a period of time, Only then did he turn his attention back to his mind.
Outside this building, the few Yinzai were suspended in the air, closely watching the humans entering and exiting the community.
They are Xiong Biao’s direct subordinates, and they came to reality for some inexplicable reason.
And now, according to Mr. Wei, Xiong Biao has also gone to Mingshui County to serve as the city god.
In this way, these evil deeds of mine can only rely on this Mr. Wei.
From a certain point of view, this Mr. Wei is his master, so even if Wei Xiaobei did not order them, they consciously guarded outside the building.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei’s face turned from rosy to pale as time p