are changing, but in fact it becomes just spiritual thoughts, his reactions are faster, and the mysterious substance drowns him.

Wang Xuan felt that his life was being nourished, his flesh and blood were cheering, and his spirit was becoming strong. He fell into the highest level of meditation, and his strength continued to improve!
It was a long-lost feeling. Wang Xuan’s spirit was overwhelmed by mysterious factors and was baptized. The rich active substance was simultaneously transmitted to the physical body and shrouded there.
This place is simply a holy place for spiritual practice. The mind and thoughts are incredibly fast, and the metabolism of the physical body is greatly improved as a result.
If a certain species wants to evolve and achieve a leap in life level, it requires the accumulation of the entire group from generation to generation, and the time is difficult to estimate.
However, if you accidentally enter the interior location, this process can be greatly shortened!
Wang Xuan sat cross-legged, in the highest meditative state, his spirit and flesh and blood were transforming and improving.
/The so-called Bodhisattva state, the so-called unity of heaven and man, is his current state, where his heart is empty and still, his body and mind are clear, and his thoughts and feelings have been improved countless times.
Wang Xuan studied the stone scriptures, recited the Sakyamuni Sutra, and read the pre-Qin golden bamboo slips. In this state, his efficiency was frightening and shocking.
What he didn’t understand in the past or what was difficult to understand suddenly became clear to him in this state. He realized the true meaning and gained a lot.
/For a moment, his body and mind resonated, and his spirit was rising. He saw the fuzzy spiritual world layer by layer in the interior location, so close at hand!
Wang Xuan touched it with his hands and tried to penetrate into a certain spiritual world. He succeeded. He grabbed a handful of soil and it felt real!
This sutra must be practiced as a mortal. Just imagine it was as difficult as it is now. How can a normal person master it?
Wang Xuan withdrew his hand from that spiritual world. Unfortunately, he could not bring out the soil. His realm was still too low. Before withdrawing, the soil slipped from his fingertips like quicksand and disappeared into light rain.
The material in the spiritual world, the plants and trees, the magnificent mountains and rivers, everything brought out is beneficial to the real world itself!
The place looks deserted, as if no one has taken care of it for a long time, but it is still colorful. Among the wormwood, there are many exotic herbs such as orchids and ginseng fruits growing.
It’s a pity that this is not a world that a person of his level can touch!
Only the great realm of Xiaoyaoyou can enter these spiritual worlds. He failed again. He rubbed a strange medicine on his palm and fell, only to catch a weed.
Reluctantly taking it back, he actually brought it out!
“This” he didn’t know whether to be disappointed