de seal pointed directly.

Above the jade seal is the dome of the underground palace, and above it is the mountain of Langxiao Mountain, and above it is the five-color earth altar at the top of the mountain!
That’s where the dojo gathers its strength! It is the place where the luck of Lingfu Island and Langxiao Mountain Dojo condenses!
Who said that a monk’s accidental flash of inspiration or accidental enlightenment cannot be helped by others?
This is not the way of evil spirits, this is the way of fortune!
/The graceful gray-black smoke evaporates and evaporates. From beginning to end, everything is under the pull of the jade seal and under the control of the power of luck in Chu Weiyang’s dojo!
/In the process of passing through the mountain, the power of Feng Shui has been drawn in at the same time, and these vast torrent of memories have been “refined” and “sorted out”.
From the real soul power, the real torrent of memory, to some kind of illusory “inspiration”, integrated into the invisible and formless Taoist luck, and finally turned into some kind of foundation blessing on the cultivators, this kind of Feng Shui is unbearable The purification of power is a step that must be experienced.
Soon, the gray-black smoke and dust, wrapped in a vague and illusory spiritual light, lingered on the top of Langxiao Mountain and hung on the five-color earth altar.
This is also Chu Weiyang’s intention to move the five-color earth altar to the top of the mountain. The altar supports the sky, receives the power of fortune, sorts out the swirling qi, and responds to the harmonious flow, even to the necessary At that time, the foundation of the entire dojo can also be blessed on the five-color earth altar, and Chu Weiyang can be taught how to open the altar, adding 30% more power!
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s hands holding the jade seal were raised almost straight to the highest point.
Almost at the same time, a dark and secluded spiritual light flew away from the jade seal, and was imprinted on the five-color earth altar in an instant.
In an instant, it was clearly a clear and sunny environment, but suddenly a mountain wind howled, and then, the whimpering wind began to circle on the top of the mountain, with the five-color earth altar as the source of the sky.
Soon, the whimpering wind intensified. At first, the wind was still invisible. Soon, it was carrying the mist and smoke in the rings in all directions. When you look again, it looks like a broad prayer pillar rising from the sky. Drooping, the entire top of Langxiao Mountain is covered in it.
Of course, this kind of mask itself is like some manifestation of the secret and weirdness of the fortune-telling method itself. It occurs naturally, rather than a vision that monks can induce.
At this time, there was no one in the mountains on the island except Chu Weiyang, and no one was watching the grand scene of the hanging sutra building.
In the same place, Chu Weiyang was still sitting on the bed of yellow jade clouds on the evil pond in the underground palac