A few minutes later, Wei Xiaobei had risen to an altitude of five or six thousand meters. At this time, Wei Xiaobei’s sight was blocked by gray fog.
However, relying on the memory in his mind, Wei Xiaobei moved his position to the sky above Green Lake University with great precision.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei lowered his height to the lowest level of the gray fog. This height was only more than 400 meters above the ground. If he wasn’t careful, he might collide with the two big guys.
You know, the giant pen immortal and the giant dish immortal are over a hundred meters in size, and combined with their floating height, they are almost close to the gray fog.
Wei Xiaobei took out the fishing line and hook from the storage ring and carefully put the fishing line down.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei was a little too cautious.
Compared to this fierce battlefield, a transparent fishing line with a fishhook hanging down from the gray mist would have no chance of attracting the attention of those pen immortals and dish immortals.
The fishhook quickly touched the ground, and then, under Wei Xiaobei’s urging, it moved towards a small battlefield where the killing was fierce.
This small battlefield is composed of more than thirty Pen Immortals and more than twenty Disk Immortals, plus a large group of strange creatures that change from trees.
But having said that, the two sides are evenly matched.
More than 30 pen immortals and the trees they transformed were unable to take down the more than 20 disc immortals. Instead, the opponent concentrated fire and killed several pen immortals.
Of course, it was precisely because of this battle situation that neither Bixian nor Diexian turned their attention to the few spirit beads that rolled down in the grass.
The fishhook controlled by Wei Xiaobei quietly penetrated into the grass.
However, Wei Xiaobei frowned a little at this time. The reason was simple. The fishhook was not very convenient for dealing with round beads.
Although Wei Xiaobei was very skilled in kung fu, manipulating a fishing line that was hundreds of meters long to hook the beads did require some technical skills.
After several unsuccessful hook attempts, Wei Xiaobei patted his head, feeling a little stupid.
After retracting the fishing line, Wei Xiaobei stretched out his left hand, and shredded meat spurted out, forming a small ball of meat on his left hand.
After the meat ball broke open, a palm-sized octopus emerged from it.
After letting the octopus lie on the hook, Wei Xiaobei threw the fishing line again.
This time, the spirit bead was finally obtained.
The little octopus attached to the fishhook, although it was not in the sea, was still very flexible. With a few tentacles stretched out, it sucked in all the spirit beads. Wei Xiaobei shook it slightly and followed the power coming from the fishing line. , the octopus threw those few spirit beads upward.
/From a distance of more than 400 meters, the rapidly flying spirit beads arrived in the blink of an eye. Wei Xiaobei only had to stretch out his hand