enetic diversity.

In other words, this life altar has a new direction in cultivating creatures, cultivating so-called primitive creatures, allowing them to evolve according to the enemy and the environment.
There is no doubt that this point should be taken from the powerful evolutionary ability of the Zerg.
Wei Xiaobei then learned about the cultivation of this primitive creature.
It turns out that although this primitive creature needs to be implanted with a large number of genes, it still needs to select an initial gene.
In other words, the original cultivated form of this primitive creature.
It can be a dog, a fish, even an ant or a bird, etc.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while and simply selected the gene of the long-bearded shrimp demon as the initial gene.
Of course, at this time, Wei Xiaobei was on a passenger plane at an altitude of 10,000 meters and could not cultivate any living things. He could only suppress the excitement in his heart and continue to implant genes from the gene bank into the template of this primitive creature.
Compared with the basic organisms that you can modify and adjust by yourself, the advantage of this primitive organism is that you don’t have to go to great lengths to adjust the combined genes. You can just throw it in one place and let it evolve.
/Of course, as for how it evolves, Wei Xiaobei hasn’t tested it yet, and he doesn’t know the result.
Well, of course in terms of efficiency, the stereotyped basic biological template should be much higher than the original creature.
After all, as long as the genes are adjusted and modified, they can be cultivated directly without waiting for a long time. No one knows how long it will take for this primitive creature to evolve.
The passenger plane passed by without any danger like last time.
Thinking about it, if the danger in the air really reached the level of frequent occurrence, I am afraid that the Chinese Parliament would have banned the air.
After all, so far, there has only been one case of a plane crash due to an aerial creature.
Well, actually, in the past few months, there have been more crashes due to other reasons.
In any case, it is a good thing that the passenger plane did not have an accident. Otherwise, it would be more troublesome for Wei Xiaobei to continue to transfer core disciples to Wei Family Island.
After thinking about it, before the passenger plane landed, Wei Xiaobei made a decision to send more core disciples to Weijia Island, which would allow them to grow up quickly in the gray world of Weijia Island, and also strengthen Weijia Island. defense force.
Yes, and it can invisibly enrich the population of Weijia Island.
After all, most core disciples have parents, more or less brothers and sisters, or lovers, etc. If necessary, closer friends can be brought along.
On average, one core disciple can increase the population of Weijia Island by 4.6 people.
As soon as he left the airport gate, Wei Xiaobei called Wei Xingwu and asked him to dispatch more core disciples to Wei Family Island.
Wei Xingw