ok out the base of the fountain of youth and placed it in the middle of the basement.

Then with a slight thought, a thin stream of emerald green spring water spurted out from the base.
As the spring water spurted out, a circle of green light bloomed and spread in all directions.
Even Father Wei and Mother Wei felt the magic in this, and their spirits became much better.
“Okay, after this thing is activated, the growth rate of crops within a hundred meters will increase a lot.”
Wei Xiaobei then introduced it to everyone.
Of course, this is information that only Wei Xiaobei’s trustworthy people can know.
In order to ensure the safety of the base of the fountain of youth, the cement wall around the basement is more than two meters thick, and three thick steel plates are embedded inside.
To put it simply, even if one could enter here violently, the movement caused would be enough to alarm the people on Weijia Island.
At the same time, Wei Xiaobei released several weak pigs near the altar above. Once an outsider approaches, these weak pigs will send a warning signal to Wei Xiaobei.
You know, on this tropical island, the growth rate of crops is originally faster than that in temperate zones. Well, coupled with the effect of spring-like weather all year round, according to Wei Xiaobei’s estimation, in about 20 days, the seedlings of those crops will grow. Able to enter the maturity stage and successfully bear fruit.
In other words, as long as there are no violent storms, this farmland can be harvested every 20 days, and the tropical temperatures throughout the year are very suitable for crop growth. In a year, it can be harvested 17.8 times!
Cultivated land in temperate zones can only be harvested for two seasons.
/Well, if you add gray world fertilizer, shrimp demon dung, and crab demon dung, the output will increase a lot.
Based on this calculation, the output of the fifteen acres of cultivated land affected by spring all year round may reach 20 to 30 times that of temperate cultivated land in one year! That is the output of 300 to 450 acres of cultivated land.
At the same time, the quality is probably different.
Later, Wei Xiaobei handed over those fertilizers to his father and took charge of them himself.
/Of course, the cultivated land within the influence of Four Seasons Like Spring is all Wei Xiaobei’s food, and these fertilizers were used just now. As for the cultivated land in other areas, only ordinary fertilizers can be used.
After arranging the fertilizer matter, Wei Xiaobei asked Huang Kun to gather half of the core disciples.
Fifteen people!
These fifteen people, together with General Huang Kun, followed Wei Xiaobei into the Gray Realm.
Set a time and everyone will enter the gray world in twenty minutes.
Wei Xiaobei returned to his room first and drank the liquor.
Wei Xiaobei woke up, opened his eyes, and looked around. He had entered the gray world and was currently in the desert.
After waiting for a while, Huang Kun’s figure gradually emerged from the air, followed by the fifteen core d