simo Andre to visit the federal equipment exhibition.

Two days ago, Generalissimo Andre suddenly arranged this visit, which also raised the standards of the Federal Equipment Exhibition a lot.
You must know that the Federal Equipment Exhibition held every two years in the past, at most Dalton, the Minister of Equipment Department, visited it. The Equipment Department is the department that purchases military equipment.
Due to the special nature of the Equipment Department, the Equipment Department has always been under the personal management of Generalissimo Andre. The other deputy commanders and generals will not be too enthusiastic about the federal equipment exhibition, even if they want to avoid suspicion.
“The scale of this federal equipment exhibition is not small!” General Andre said to Minister Dalton with a smile as he looked out the window at the large number of various warships parked near Planet 1 in space.
“With your leadership, the research on various equipment has achieved unprecedented development. Coupled with the occurrence of many wars, the military’s demand for warships has expanded, and various arms companies have also increased their investment in research. Therefore, this federal equipment exhibition It is the largest event in the past century.” Minister Dalton replied with a smile.
“I think the reason behind it is true!” Generalissimo Andre was in a very good mood, pointing at Minister Dalton and laughing.
The generals present all knew why this federal equipment exhibition was of such a scale. The main reason was that the federal military had money.
Due to the large amount of resources allocated to the guard star, the federal military’s inventory suddenly became sufficient. In addition, during the period of martial law, the government allocated a large amount of war funds, which also bulged the military’s wallet.
/The federal arms dealers have close ties with the federal military. Seeing such a wealthy federal military, of course they want to get enough benefits from it.
“Admiral David, Admiral Francis will be back soon. The fleet he brought back has experienced great wars. You can choose two hundred warships from this equipment exhibition and fill in the veterans brought back by Admiral France. Two hundred warships!” Marshal Andre turned to David again and said.
The deputy commanders on the side were hesitant to speak, but in the end, no deputy commanders objected to Generalissimo Andre’s proposal.
At least the deputy commanders didn’t want to make proposals that would harm David’s interests in front of David. David was really too stingy and he would retaliate. Now that everyone is so close, who knows if David will do anything.
Admiral Milton’s lesson is still there. It is not cost-effective to offend David for two hundred new warships.
Of course, another reason is that it has been some time since David became an admiral. Because of Admiral Milton’s incident, Grand Marshal Andre has never arranged a direct fleet for David, not even an elite guard of a thousand people.
Admiral D