e in the human world. Wang Xuan locked his wrist, grabbed his snow-white arm, and was captured.

During this process, the demon lord’s scarlet glow bloomed, thunder emerged, and all his spells were used, but to no avail, they were all suppressed by the hazy light emitted by Wang Xuan!
With a bang, he pulled the Demon Lord’s hands behind her back and tied them there, suppressing her unable to move.
Not to mention the Demon Lord himself, even Lao Zhang and the Dark Blood Cult Ancestor were shocked. What is this situation?
“You two, I would like to ask, is Demon Lord Yanyan your black-hearted little cotton-padded jacket? Then what relationship do I have with you?” Wang Xuan has wanted to ask for a long time, and today he has the opportunity.
“You, it was an accident.” The woman in the shadow couple said softly, her words soft and calm.
What’s going on? Zhang Daoling’s ears flapped slightly and he used his magical power, fearing that he would be blocked by the pair of shadows and not be able to hear the amazing secret.
The Demon Lord was captured by Wang Xuan with her backhand and suppressed on the fixed bar in the spaceship. She was so angry that she couldn’t beat Wang Xuan. Her slender body was struggling, and her long red clusters glowed, and her lotus-rooted arms and long legs had symbols. Wen Blooming is still fighting.
However, it didn’t work and she couldn’t get rid of it.
Now, she is a little quieter and no longer struggling, because the case is about to be solved. From her mother’s tone, it seems that there is really a serious situation.
Could this really be her biological brother? If she had such a brother, she would want to beat him even more!
This kid actually wanted to see her dance the fairy dance in the past, and now he’s resisting her!
Wang Xuan was also stunned. The tone was so intimate that it made his heart skip a beat.
Except for Fang Yuzhu, everyone in the spacecraft looked strange. The Dark Blood Cult Ancestor grinned and was watching a show. Sword Fairy also turned her head and looked very interested.
“Let go!” After a short period of silence, the Demon Lord couldn’t stand it anymore. She was suppressed in public, and it was Wang Xuan who took action, which made her a little unbearable.
“Quiet!” Wang Xuan patted her back.
“Wang Xuan!” The man in the shadow spoke again, which meant, don’t do anything! Because he himself has never been willing to fight.
The woman in the shadow couple patted the man’s arm and said, “A bowl of water is even.”
Both of them are shaking their spirits, and there is no physical body here.
As soon as these words came out, Wang Xuan was stunned. This was different from what he imagined. They were really relatives? Then he can be considered a “fairy”, and his parents are extraordinary?
/Lao Zhang squinted his eyes, the fire of gossip burning in his heart, feeling a little hot, and unbuttoned two buttons on his white shirt. His original elegant temperament was now slightly undignified.
“I’ll go, the old clam has pearls in his eyes!” The Dark Blood Sect Ancest