fits by providing security and so on.

Seeing that their attitude was quite good, Wei Xiaobei asked them about it.
To say that the tents here are not expensive, they cost 2 gray coins per hour. You need to pay a 10-hour deposit in advance and settle the bill together when you leave.
In addition, this Gray and White Gang also provides services such as acquisitions, appraisals, etc.
Of course, many newcomers come in without so-called gray coins, so they also provide a series of related mortgage services and so on.
After hearing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but nodded. The leader of the Gray and White Gang had some brains. In this way, he could make a lot of money just by exchanging items for Gray and White coins.
Of course, the income may be less, after all, many things in the gray world may not be really useful.
No matter what, Wei Xiaobei decided to look around and understand the situation.
Hearing that Wei Xiaobei intended to sell some things in exchange for gray coins, the strong man at the head was a little excited. After all, if he brought people there, he would be able to share in the benefits.
While following the strong man towards the central square, Wei Xiaobei was also making some calculations in his mind.
The Gray and White Gang? Could it have something to do with the off-white color? Or was it established by people sent by Gray and White?
This is somewhat possible!
When he thought that this might have something to do with the gray color, Wei Xiaobei’s attention spread and he began to observe from all aspects.
Not far away, the gray-white headquarters was actually located in the same shopping mall where Wei Xiaobei had fought zombies before.
Of course, this place is easy to defend and difficult to attack, at least safer than in the central square.
Wei Xiaobei also took a quick look.
There are quite a few varieties here.
There are weapons, various cold weapons, and a small number of hot weapons. They may be made by themselves, or they may be collected from those who have experienced the gray world. After all, there are very few people who enter the gray world with guns, but in this Time, I’m afraid, is quite a lot.
/Some cold weapons are sophisticated, some are rough, and the price ranges between several thousand, while hot weapons, such as pistols and submachine guns, cost tens of thousands. Wei Xiaobei saw one that could regenerate one bullet every two seconds. The price of the May 4th pistol was one hundred thousand gray coins.
Well, this is normal. For those who have not been in the gray world for a long time, hot weapons are definitely more powerful than cold weapons. There is no doubt about this.
Of course, as the level goes up, these thermal weapons will not be of much use, unless there are some thermal weapons with special abilities.
And those cold weapons have no abilities attached to them, they are all ordinary goods.
Thinking about it, if there is any good stuff, I’m afraid the Gray and White Gang people will use it themselves. How could they put it here?
There are ores, me