r, and handed it to Andre when he came back.

When Andre saw it, he immediately shook his head and replied in stiff and somewhat stuttering Chinese: “NONO, I don’t have the habit of drinking sea water. Drinking it will cause diarrhea.”
Wei Xiaobei smiled: “Drink it and you won’t have diarrhea, I promise.”
The big boss had already spoken, and Andre had to take the cup with a bitter look on his face. He frowned, closed his eyes, and took a sip as if he were drinking poison.
But after taking this sip, Andre’s brows relaxed and his face recovered. Then he drank all the water in the cup in one go. After drinking all the water, he said with a greedy smile: “I just happen to have a dry mouth.” ”
Watching Andre drink up the sea water in one breath, everyone who has tasted the sea water can’t help but feel a faint pain in their stomach.
To say that the taste of sea water is salty and bitter, let alone drinking it, even taking a bath will bring a layer of salt with you.
I would rather drink salt water than sea water!
“NONONO, this is not sea water, this is fresh water! It tastes pretty good. No, can you give it a try?”
Seeing the pity in everyone’s eyes, how could Andre not know what they were thinking, and he hurriedly defended himself.
And then, everyone tasted the so-called sea water.
They found that Andre was right, it was really fresh water. After drinking it, their stomachs were still warm, and they felt like drinking warm water.
/What’s going on?
Could it be that it was really magic as Wei Xiaobei said?
Seeing everyone’s curious looks, Wei Xiaobei didn’t hide anything. Anyway, this kind of thing would have to be revealed sooner or later.
After listening to what Wei Xiaobei said, everyone was stunned.
The small bottle Wei Xiaobei took out before can convert seawater into fresh water. This is pretty amazing.
Fortunately, Zhu Xinyi and other people who have entered the gray world have relatively strong receptive abilities. When thinking about the monsters in the gray world, it does not seem to be an unacceptable thing to directly convert seawater into fresh water.
After living on Weijia Island for such a period of time, Wei Xiaobei’s family has more or less understood the current situation. After a period of shock, they can now be said to be calm.
Watching the water level in the reservoir continue to rise, Wei Xiaobei’s face kept smiling.
In addition to the functions of domestic water and drinking water, this fresh water converted from sea water can also provide sufficient water for crops and plants grown on the island.
In this way, Weijia Island can enter a virtuous cycle and become self-sufficient.
The only trouble is that every once in a while, the fire dragon pure water bottle needs to be taken out and the remaining salt after purifying the fresh water in it needs to be poured out.
Of course, these are all minor problems, at least now Wei Xiaobei is satisfied.
But, then he felt a headache.
Just after dinner, Wei Xiaopeng sneaked into Wei Xiaobei’s room and pestered Wei Xiaobei to learn the weapo