obei found out that after Yao Zizhong came back, he vomited blood not long after and was sent to the hospital. went.

When Wei Xiaobei arrived at the hospital and quietly observed Yao Zizhong, he discovered that his complexion was dark and there was a faint, filthy and cold aura about him.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei understood. There was no doubt that Yao Zizhong’s life might not be saved even by the best medicines used by the hospital.
Undoubtedly, this is the consequence of violating the oath!
Witnessed by Ge Datian’s clone, he promised not to talk about things in the gray world in front of outsiders after returning to reality.
But Yao Zizhong didn’t believe that oath at all, so he told Wei Xiaobei’s story after returning to reality.
Of course, according to Yao Zizhong’s thoughts, if this oath was useful, I’m afraid the world would not be what it is now.
But in doing so, he would give away his life.
It’s really sad.
Back at the martial arts hall, Wei Xiaobei called the individual soldiers over.
Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s summons, Shan Bing was quite a bit headache. He was thinking that the boss wanted to use some diluted treasure to blind his eyes, right?
But when he arrived at Wei Xiaobei’s room, Shan Bing couldn’t move his eyes away from the table.
“Whose craftsmanship is this? Is it Teacher Li Botian? It doesn’t look like it. Could it be Teacher Zhang Yulin? It doesn’t look like it either.”
To be honest, Shan Bing has a deep love for this carving art, which is why he can name the names of these carving masters one by one.
“Don’t guess, I carved it.”
Wei Xiaobei said calmly.
/“Did you carve it?”
Shan Bing was a little dumbfounded. If nothing else, just look at the knife skills of this jade carving. It would have been impossible to carve it without more than forty years of effort. Moreover, the three jade carvings looked at each other with a hint of spirituality. The scenery is like a living thing.
But Shan Bing also knew that Wei Xiaobei never told lies, so he was stunned just now.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t talk nonsense to the soldiers, and pointed to the three jade carvings: “Send them to the auction for me. If possible, the sooner the better, I’m in a hurry to use the money.”
The single soldier nodded, but then looked at Wei Xiaobei in shock: “More than 200 million US dollars are used up like this? Boss, I’m really convinced!”
Wei Xiaobei didn’t have time to argue with him at this time, so he lightly kicked the soldier on the buttocks. The soldier flew out like a wild goose. He originally thought that a big horse would fall to the ground, but After flying out of the door, he stood firmly on his own.
The boss is getting more and more powerful!
Shan Bing was somewhat lucky that he could get to know this Wei Xiaobei. Otherwise, I am afraid that the Huayang Shan Group would have been attacked by a group of people, not to mention bankrupt, or at least dying.
After the single soldier left, Wei Xiaobei went to the kitchen.
It was night at this time, but in the outdoor martial arts arena, Zhu Xinyi