But even the most conventional attack method, attacking for more than ten minutes at a time, consumes a lot of the power of the seraph. Even Wei Xiaobei can see that the brilliance of the wings on the back of the seraph has been weakened. a lot of.
“O sinner! The glory of our Lord”
Seeing that he could not attack for a long time, the seraph was furious, but he changed his attack method according to his fighting instinct. He pointed his long sword towards the tower and chanted loudly.
Undoubtedly, after leaving Tiantang Mountain, Wei Xiaobei’s early warning ability was no longer interfered with, and Wei Xiaobei was given a warning in an instant!
The City God seemed to feel the threat posed by the seraph, his face changed slightly, and he grabbed the official seal on his waist with his right hand again.
However, Wei Xiaobei’s movements were much faster than the City God.
The white mist dragon bow opened, and a series of arrows were shot out.
This time, Wei Xiaobei did not use the three-arrow method. After all, at such a distance, it was relatively easy for the Seraphim to dodge such an attack.
/Without any surprise, a loud noise was heard, the sword in the hand of the seraph exploded again, and a cloud of dust rose up.
After blasting the expanding light ball on his long sword, Wei Xiaobei put down his big bow, said hello to the City God, then got off the tower and hid somewhere unknown.
White light bloomed, the dust was driven away, and the seraphim’s slightly embarrassed form reappeared.
It has to be said that this seraph is indeed a bit miserable. In terms of strength, the fact that it can mobilize the power of its own body undoubtedly gives it the means to crush Wei Xiaobei.
But that ability also has limitations, which makes the Seraphs dare not use it indiscriminately when they are not completely sure. Even if their brains are confused by anger, they have not forgotten this.
But having said that, Wei Xiaobei still had some problems with his judgment of the situation.
This sword explosion may have blown away the last remaining sanity of the Seraphim.
/When the dust dispersed, the Seraph raised his sword above his head with a solemn expression, and his whole body emitted a dazzling light.
This dazzling light is extremely powerful. It scatters and destroys everything. In the blink of an eye, a thick layer of the ground is cut off around it, causing a huge shallow pit about two meters deep to appear under the seraph. !
If the City God hadn’t reacted quickly and quickly raised the official seal, the light would have almost dispelled the earthy yellow light attached to the city wall.
The light spreads out, but rarely dissipates.
In the high sky behind the Seraphim, a virtual image of the Seraphim that is as bright as a star is slowly forming.
Seeing this scene, even if Wei Xiaobei is a fool, he understands that this seraph may not be able to bear it any longer and finally unleashes his ultimate move to summon the power of his body!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei could no longer hide a