iu Changan’s TV to watch now, and she must buy a new one quickly and return it to Liu Changan.

“Thank you, brother Chang’an!” Zhou Dongdong hugged Liu Changan’s thigh hard. Zhou Dongdong likes big TVs, but what Zhou Dongdong likes most is brother Chang’an. Except when he bullies Zhou Dongdong, he should reduce it a little bit. like.
“Go up and open the door, and I’ll bring the TV up.” Liu Changan carried Zhou Dongdong aside, although having a child hanging on his leg actually had no impact on his activities.
Zhou Shuling hurriedly ran upstairs to open the door, and Liu Changan went to move the TV in the bedroom that was still in its packaging.
/After unpacking the box, installing the base, plugging in the power and cables, Liu Changan asked Zhou Shuling to read the instructions slowly, then went downstairs with the old TV.
Zhou Shuling stood happily in front of the TV for a while, and then became a little confused. There was a good person like Liu Changan in this world, and the key was to meet him. How should she repay him? Although she had never taken the initiative to ask for help from others, this kind of enthusiasm and generosity made Zhou Shuling feel warm and grateful. It seemed that she could only take care of him more in life in the future, otherwise she would have nothing else. Apart from being able to do some housework, make breakfast and supper, there is nothing else that can be given to him in return.
She had to tell him that she must leave the cleaning and other matters at home to her. When Zhou Shuling was about to go downstairs, she suddenly thought, where is her child?
Probably still playing downstairs, Zhou Shuling came to Liu Changan’s house and shouted: “Zhou Dongdong, go back and get ready for bed.”
“It’s not here.” Liu Changan was packing the outer packaging of electrical appliances and looked around.
“Where did he go?” Zhou Shuling was puzzled, “You’re not at home either?”
“See if there are any dogs playing with you downstairs.”
“No.” Zhou Shuling went out and shouted twice.
Liu Changan went to the bedroom and took a look to confirm that Zhou Dongdong was indeed not at home.
“You’re still running around so late.” Zhou Shuling was a little anxious, and she and Liu Changan went upstairs to search again.
Not upstairs either.
“Call.” Liu Changan reminded her not to panic.
/Zhou Shuling called and the voice prompt indicated that the call could not be connected.
“out of battery?”
“It’s impossible. I just fully charged her this morning. Normally, I charge her once every two days.” Zhou Shuling was confused and slightly worried. However, Zhou Dongdong was so late at night. He could only go to Aunt Xie’s store to buy some snacks. No. Maybe he ran out of the neighborhood.
Liu Changan recalled it and made sure that Zhou Dongdong did not follow him when he moved the TV and Zhou Shuling upstairs.
The dog didn’t bark either. Lu Si En has not yet been infected into a stupid and hopeless dog, so if a stranger picks Zhou Dongdong up, he will still bark.
“It must be at my house.”
Liu Changan t