Zhu Xinyi sat on the bedside and read a book, Huang Kun took out his laptop and played games, and Wei Xiaobei placed a few bottles of White Tat music beside him.
After Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun’s bodies became transparent and entered the gray world one by one, Wei Xiaobei unscrewed the bottle cap and poured the transparent and crystal wine into the throat.
There is no doubt that after the biological level was upgraded to 2 stars, Zhu Xinyi’s strength began to expand. If nothing else, the three lickers alone could fight against the 2-star terror level monsters.
“Where’s Huang Kun?”
Wei Xiaobei sat up and looked around. He didn’t see Huang Kun in the room, so he couldn’t help but ask.
“He went out to check the situation.” Zhu Xinyi replied.
Wei Xiaobei snorted lightly and got out of bed.
The rental house was always shabby. When Wei Xiaobei came out, Huang Kun, who was staying in front of the living room window, looked a little nervous. He raised his middle finger as if to be silent.
Wei Xiaobei walked to the window and looked down.
This rental house is located on the third floor facing the street. On the street below, groups of soldiers wearing ancient armor are walking in neat steps towards the distance.
The evil soldiers are passing by!
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes narrowed slightly. These ancient soldiers should be the Yin soldiers under the City God’s Temple.
The last time Wei Xiaobei entered the Gray Realm of Baita County, he saw it near the City God’s Temple, but he didn’t see so many Yin soldiers dispatched.
The number of Yin soldiers passing by one after another was probably no less than a thousand.
Moreover, these Yin soldiers came from the direction of the City God’s Temple and headed towards the city gate leading out of the city.
Did something happen outside the city?
After all the Yin soldiers left, Wei Xiaobei took Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun downstairs and chased them in the direction where the Yin soldiers left.
Before arriving at the city gate, Wei Xiaobei heard the sound of fighting coming from outside the city wall.
/Wei Xiaobei did not go to the city gate cave, but walked to a section of the city wall a hundred meters away from the city gate cave.
In reality, this city wall had long been demolished due to the expansion of the county. Only a city gate hole was left as a memorial to the ancient building. I don’t know why this city wall appeared in the gray world.
But these are all trivial matters. The city wall in this small county town cannot be too high, only five or six meters.
Wei Xiaobei kicked off the ground with his legs and jumped up. On the other hand, Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun had different movements when climbing up the wall.
Huang Kun retreated more than 20 meters, then accelerated and rushed forward. When he was a few meters away from the city wall, he kicked off the ground with his legs, like a tiger, leaped up several meters and rushed towards the wall. He supported the wall with his left hand and stabilized himself. stood up.
This is also quite helpless for Huang