Birth Pool, causing Wei Xiaobei to suddenly turn around and jump in.

That’s right!
The tentacles are delicate and moist, just like freshly cut fat lamb meat, and the luster is like condensed oil!
The powerful knowledge of knowledge is activated!
Wei Xiaobei immediately ignored the headache that had not completely subsided, opened his eyes and stared at the wall of the pool!
Name: Mutton fat white jade (common)
Introduction: This is a treasure among nephrites. The ancient saying that white jade is flawless refers to this object. This material can be used for making utensils, refining alchemy, and cooking.
really! I was not mistaken.
The walls of this pool are all made of mutton-fat white jade!
This can’t help but make Wei Xiaobei a little confused, saying that this thing is not produced in the West.
But immediately afterwards, Wei Xiaobei felt a burst of ecstasy in his heart.
It was impossible for Wei Xiaobei not to be so ecstatic.
As a Chinese, it would be ridiculous to say that I don’t know what mutton-fat white jade is, or that my knowledge is too narrow.
Wei Xiaobei only remembered a TV show he had watched saying that this thing, as big as a little finger, would cost tens of thousands of dollars!
How much can this pool of mutton-fat white jade be sold for?
/Wei Xiaobei felt that his dizziness seemed to be getting worse.
This is not to say that Wei Xiaobei’s will suddenly weakened.
Unfortunately, he had been trapped by money before and was unwilling to do things that went against his principles. Now he suddenly found that he was about to have a huge amount of wealth. As a layman who only worked for a month and a thousand, Wei Xiaobei was not dizzy. It’s all a little strange.
After calming down for a while, Wei Xiaobei immediately stood by the pool wall and dusted off the edge of the pool wall with his left hand. Well, the thickness of the mutton-fat white jade is hard to tell. The upper edge is a mixture of white jade and stones. .
Taking out a dagger from his storage bracelet, Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth, and with a slight exertion, the dagger cut off a layer of the top of the pool wall.
Although the hardness of this mutton-fat white jade is over 6, with Wei Xiaobei’s strength, not to mention this mutton-fat white jade, even diamonds can be easily cut!
After peeling off a layer, the thickness of the mutton-fat white jade is revealed.
What made Wei Xiaobei’s eyes go straight was that the thickness of the mutton-fat white jade exceeded his guess.
Wei Xiaobei originally thought it was only as thick as two fingers. Well, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, this was already a very delusional guess.
But now when I look at it, I see that the thickness of this mutton-fat white jade is actually as thick as two bricks, and it’s still as thick as bricks lying sideways!
To be precise, the thickness is close to a foot!
Based on this thickness, Wei Xiaobei instantly calculated the total volume of the mutton-fat white jade.
16 cubic meters!
If jade enthusiasts and jade merchants saw so many mutton-fat white