t what David said. He paused and then asked: “The temple sensed the breath of death. What happened to you? ?”

“I ambushed the ‘Holy Ghost Knight’ and was about to give him a fatal blow when a force blocked the attack and escaped with the ‘Holy Ghost Knight’!” David thought for a while and did not tell the truth.
Of course, if David told the truth, it would most likely cause even greater trouble.
“Huh!” Bishop McKinley took a long breath to get rid of the extreme surprise in his heart.
/Lord Arthur’s assassination methods are powerful, which is recognized by the nobles and temple leaders. You must know that Lord Arthur’s most terrifying record is to sneak into the five billion Zerg, successfully assassinate the legendary Zerg, and then escape intact. .
The fifth-level Bishop Cameron eventually died at the hands of Lord Arthur, and the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ became Lord Arthur’s trophy.
This is also the reason why Lord Arthur’s success in assassinating the Legendary Zerg is very strange, but it is still accepted by the strong men of the divine world. The artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ was deified after being used by countless evil god believers. efficiency.
But Bishop McKinley never thought that Lord Arthur could almost successfully assassinate the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’, who was a demigod.
“Annabella Templar wants to go to the scene to see, please allow her to use the portal!” Bishop McKinley calmed down and said.
“No problem, welcome Annabelle Templar!” David said without any hesitation.
After breaking the contact, Bishop McKinley saw the eyes of the remaining four bishops.
“Lord Arthur is safe. The ‘Holy Ghost Knight’ was severely injured by his ambush. It should be the divine power left in the body of the ‘Holy Ghost Knight’ by the God of Death. said in a tone of voice.
He looked at the expressions of the four bishops with some mischievousness, and sure enough he saw the look of horror on the faces of the four bishops.
Is this still the demigod who claims to be invincible in the main world?
Of course, the four bishops thought of another question at the same time. Is there anyone in the main world who can stop Lord Arthur’s assassination?
“How to deal with this matter?” Bishop Bolivar asked in a deep voice.
Naturally, what he asked was how to publicize the battle between the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ and Lord Arthur. Nowadays, the massacre of the ‘Holy Ghost Knight’ is becoming more and more unstoppable.
Of course, there are followers of the evil god who are constantly spreading the news, making the identity of the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ known to more and more people.
According to the original idea of ????the temple, the existence of the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is not recognized.
This way of handling it is not good, because the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ will continue to appear and continue to cause huge trouble to the divine world.
But things are different now. The ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ was defeated and severely injured and escaped. The so-called ‘Holy Spirit Knight”s invincibility myth has also been broken.
As long as