But when the single soldier arrived at the martial arts hall, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t bear to see what happened next.

In short, after the single soldier left with a bruised nose and face, let alone picking up girls, even after transferring Zhu Xinyi’s academic status to Cuihu University, he only dared to call to inform him. As for visiting him, he might as well forget it. The young master still wants to save his life to continue the family lineage of the Shan family.
/In the following time, Wei Xiaobei suddenly felt that the day had become more leisurely.
Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi both went to school. Huang Kun was away during the day and could not come back until eight o’clock in the evening. Zhu Xinyi could only go to the student dormitory and come back to visit her master every Friday.
Of course, if the two of them enter the gray world, they still need to go together. This is something Wei Xiaobei strictly ordered, and the two of them are never allowed to act separately.
Wei Xiaobei feels a little like being alone.
But soon, Wei Xiaobei stopped thinking about this issue.
Wei Xingwu came back with two people, one was tall and strong, with a slightly dark complexion, and the other was short and capable, with a shrewd look on his face. It was said that these two people were his good brothers who had experienced life and death.
Now that Wei Xingwu is back, Wei Xiaobei has completely left the matter of opening a security company to Wei Xingwu. While giving Wei Xingwu another start-up capital, he also gave Zhou Xingyuan’s phone number to Wei Xingwu. After all, it is like opening a new security company. , if a big boss like Zhou Xingyuan came forward to support the situation, many things would be easier to handle.
/To put it bluntly, Wei Xiaobei only provides money and occasionally comes forward to help deal with some more difficult things, while all the effort and brainpower are left to Wei Xingwu. After that, when the security company handles the matter, Wei Xiaobei only needs to use security guards. That’s all about the company’s personnel, information, etc. You don’t have to worry about the rest at all.
It’s that simple.
Wei Xiaobei is not worried at all about Wei Xingwu enriching himself or even defecting to the enemy and betraying him. Guys like Wei Xingwu know how powerful Wei Xiaobei is, at least until someone strong appears who can absolutely suppress Wei Xiaobei. People like Wei Xingwu would not dare to surrender to the enemy.
Besides, Wei Xingwu is probably already registered in the gray-white organization. If he doesn’t hold Wei Xiaobei’s thigh tightly, some tragedy may happen in the future.
After sending Wei Xingwu away, Wei Xiaobei sighed softly.
Unexpectedly, just setting up a security company, which is still a small one for the time being, with more than thirty people, requires a lot of money.
After giving Wei Xingwu one million to start the company, Wei Xiaobei suddenly found that the balance in his bank card seemed a little insufficient.
To say that the majority of Wei Xiaobei’s previous income