at was knocked out. As a result, the red giant crab hit and splashed on the beach. The flames came out and sprayed the shrimp three times, almost burning it to death.

After all, most water tribes have very low defense against things like fire.
When Wei Xiaobei lifted up the shrimp, he found that half of its body had been cooked. If it had been an ordinary prawn, it would have died long ago. Fortunately, it was a monster, and the monster energy seemed to have some life-extending effect. .
This is truly a disaster.
If we don’t care about it, the death of this shrimp is inevitable.
Not to mention that the fire dragons had already suppressed the rebellion of the giant crabs at this time. The giant crabs that besieged the Blue Crab Demon King were all lit into torches. After a burst of blazing flames, a strong smell of meat came out from all of them.
Those Cancers who did not participate in the rebellion couldn’t help but feel chills on their shells when they looked at the Fire Dragon. What kind of monsters are these? So awesome!
As a result, these giant crabs looked at Wei Xiaobei with a look of awe. If only one of his subordinates was so powerful, you can imagine how powerful humans are.
Wei Xiaobei had a headache looking at Xiashi San who had almost turned into a grilled prawn. If he were to be fed with the fountain of youth water, such an injury would probably require more than twenty drops.
After all, this guy’s recovery ability is far inferior to Wei Xiaobei’s.
Twenty drops of the fountain of youth
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was still a little reluctant to part with it. After all, with the continuous construction of Weijia Island, the fountain of youth water base would be needed to accelerate the growth of crops and make it self-sufficient.
The two halo effects of the Fountain of Youth water base require sufficient reserves of the Fountain of Youth water to be released.
Stocking up to a hundred drops of the Fountain of Youth will activate the spring-like effect all year round, while stocking up to a thousand drops will activate the ever-lasting youth effect.
In short, the fountain of youth has not yet filled up to 100 drops.
Of course, it would be impossible for Wei Xiaobei to just ignore Xia San.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei had a lot of thoughts in his mind, constantly thinking about how to save the other party.
Finally, Wei Xiaobei found a way.
/The altar of life!
That’s right, one of the effects in the current altar of life is transformation and modulation. Although this function is only for cultivating living creatures, Wei Xiaobei can also think with his own medical skills that this may not be used on Xiasan.
In addition, this is also equivalent to an experiment. If it succeeds, the usefulness of the Life Altar will be increased by more than ten times!
Of course, it’s hard to say the probability of success in this kind of thing, and it’s very likely that he’ll die stiffly just like that.
So Wei Xiaobei told Xiashan about the matter and let it make its own choice.
At this time, Xia San’s wh