hat is healing me, or is it my own vitality that is healing me? Is the strange energy in Qinyan Cave really vitality?”

He had seen vegetation growing wildly under the influence of vitality, but the grass on the shore did not grow wildly.
In other words, the vitality emitted by Qinyan Cave is not real vitality. The power to heal the scars on Xu Ying and An Qi does not come from Qinyan Cave, but from themselves!
“This mysterious power of Qinyan Cave can stimulate our own vitality and activity!”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed, where does the vitality and activity in the human body come from?
“The secret of Niwan.” He whispered.
The secret of Niwan contains the activity of human body, and this white jade palace is also called Niwan Palace. Previously, he only felt that Niwan Palace and Niwan seemed to have some connection, but now he suddenly woke up.
“The mysterious power in Qinyan Cave can inspire the secret treasure of Niwan!”
Xu Ying sat in the water and murmured to himself, “Yes, it is the secret of Niwan. I only need to track the mysterious power of Qinyan Cave and its path after entering the body, and then I can locate the dragon and find the secret of Niwan in the human body.” Hide! But there is no injury on my body.”
Thinking of this, he suddenly raised his hand and pointed, and the finger force penetrated his thigh!
Blood flowed across his thigh. Xu Ying held back the pain and immediately concentrated his attention. Under his eyes, divine light shone, and his consciousness reappeared!
He pushed open the door and entered the Xiyi realm within his body.
The weak air currents from the world inside his body seeped in from the outside world. These weak air currents were the mysterious power that seeped into his body from the mud pool!
These weak air currents were attracted by a mysterious place in his body and flowed in the same direction.
“As expected!”
Xu Ying’s consciousness followed these air currents into the sky and traveled away!
His consciousness flew like lightning, whizzing through it, getting higher and higher, and it still didn’t stop when it reached his heart and lungs, which were as big as hanging mountains upside down!
/He followed the air currents through the Xiyi Realm, traveling to places he had never been able to reach before, and discovered more mysteries of the human body.
He looked up and saw that the top looked like the interior of an extremely huge pagoda, layered in order, and on both sides of him were the towering Heart and Lung Mountains.
His spiritual consciousness roared, flying over the mountains of heart and lungs, following the air flow through the towering pagodas, and suddenly saw a bright light in front of him. When he flew in front of him, it was a fairyland as vast as a lake and sea!
Above Yaochi, a sacred bridge hangs!
Xu Ying was dazzled by what he saw. He followed the air currents and flew across the bridge. When he looked up, he saw an unimaginably large sun hanging in the sky, burning with blazing flames!
/Next to the sun is an incredibly large moon, emitting a c