After finding Wei Xingwu and asking, Wei Xiaobei was a little disappointed.

There are no ordinary communication equipment in this base, and several satellite phones were also taken away by those who evacuated.
Of course, even if there was a satellite phone, Wei Xiaobei would not dare to use it, otherwise it would be easy for the other party to find out his details.
Finally, under the leadership of Wei Xingwu, Wei Xiaobei went to a nearby town and took an international long distance trip back.
Cheng Biwu and others were really anxious at this time. They felt relieved after getting Wei Xiaobei’s call.
/After appeasing his master, senior brother, and apprentice, Wei Xiaobei and Wei Xingwu returned to the village near the forest and rented two empty houses.
Of course, Wei Xingwu paid for all these expenses. When he returns to China, he will be subsidized.
After all, when Wei Xiaobei was soaking in the sea, all the money on the mobile phone he had was written off.
After buying a few bottles of liquor produced by a small Chinese factory at the village canteen, Wei Xiaobei ordered Wei Xingwu to monitor the forest base, while he closed the door, drank a few bottles of liquor, and hid under the bed.
A familiar feeling of dizziness arose in his mind, and soon Wei Xiaobei fell asleep.
After waking up and opening his eyes, Wei Xiaobei found himself lying on a piece of grass, with the scent of sandalwood constantly wafting from his nostrils.
After Wei Xiaobei stood up and looked around, he found that he was still in the village.
However, the village is a bit dilapidated as usual, but the dilapidation is much better than the buildings in Green Lake City.
In addition, the size of the village is smaller than in reality, and many newly built houses do not exist.
With the village as the center, a green grassland spreads out, covering hundreds of acres.
It is a little different from reality. The pagoda erected in the center of the village looks more dazzling and taller. Its overall height is about twelve meters. The gold foil attached to it emits a trace of golden light, lighting up the entire pagoda. The pagoda is shrouded in golden light.
A faint sound of chanting sutras kept coming from the pagoda.
The sound of chanting sutras reached Wei Xiaobei’s ears. Wei Xiaobei immediately felt peaceful in his heart. Gradually, he had a thought of transcending the world, as if he wanted to leave all the mundane things in this world behind, and his mind gradually blurred. , as if returning to mother’s arms.
Suddenly, Wei Xiaobei woke up with a start. When he looked at his surroundings, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. Unknowingly, he walked to the pagoda and sat cross-legged.
Wei Xiaobei immediately stood up and moved away from the pagoda, trying his best to block the sound of chanting sutras coming from the pagoda.
After this, Wei Xiaobei felt that his mind had returned to its previous clarity.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei looked at the battle description.
Combat description: Affected by the magical power of the Anagami Pagoda