change the trajectory of your life.”

A group of people sat together and chatted for a long time, until late at night, heavy fog arose, and the entire ruins were covered. The originally invisible hell became even more abnormal now.
Even if they are extraordinary beings, they are so close that neither of them can clearly see each other’s appearance, and can only see their general outlines.
“Hell is very strange. After midnight, heavy fog covers the ruins. Although it prevents some unknown dangers, for some reason, everyone feels sleepy and cannot resist, so they all fall into a deep sleep.”
Lu Ming yawned, fell to the ground as he spoke, and soon fell asleep.
The same goes for everyone else. They couldn’t hold on anymore and fell asleep on the ground. They seemed to be used to it.
Wang Xuan was horrified. For some reason, his supernatural sense was automatically triggered, giving him a very bad feeling. It actually made him shudder and goosebumps appeared all over his body.
He used the mysterious spiritual text he obtained from the alien Xitian, and practiced it again to fight against the drowsiness and the cold chill.
Half an hour later, he became frightened. The people around him, including the extraordinary beings in the entire ancient city ruins, all lost their voices, their hearts stopped beating, their souls disappeared, all vital signs disappeared, and everyone was dead!
In one stronghold, everyone in the city died!
Wang Xuan was shocked. He went to check. It was not an illusion. These people were really dead and had no chance of life.
The fog is thick, cutting off spiritual consciousness.
Except for the spiritual eye, it is difficult for even extraordinary people to see clearly the surrounding situation in this situation, as those people still seem to be sleeping.
After another half an hour, his supernatural sense made him feel more and more that something was wrong with this place. However, outside the ruins, at the edge of the fog, something seemed even more unusual. There were pairs of eyes piercing the darkness, and then going away.
/Soon, Wang Xuan smelled the rotten smell. He lowered his head to see those people. In such a short period of time, those bodies had begun to rot.
These are all extraordinary beings, true immortals and heaven-level masters. Even if they die, in the age of mythology, their bodies can remain immortal and lifelike for many years.
But now, what he saw made his heart palpitate. This ancient city and this ruins made people feel extremely depressing. What was going on?
Everyone who was chatting with them not long ago has lost their lives and is rotting away fast.
Wang Xuan activated his nerve system, stayed awake, used the spirit to fight against the blood of the True Saint’s Rules of Kuji Ridge, and fought against the heavy fog with all his strength. There was no accident on his part.
In the middle of the night, he found that everyone was rotting into a state of disgrace, with some of the bodies’ bones exposed, and the smell of putrefaction permeated the entire gian