opened his eyes, and there seemed to be chaos in his eyes, but then it disappeared again.

“Now that I have made great progress in cultivation, I can finally use my soul. Fellow Taoist Jijue, you can unlock the Dharma in me.”
Xu Ying smiled slightly and said, “We feel good, enough to deal with the emperor’s six-word sealing curse.”
After Ji Jue heard this, he quickly added a few more Buddhist teachings and felt relieved.
Ji Jue asked: “Do you have a way to leave Yingzhou?”
Xu Ying said with a smile: “Of course there is a way. I have a good friend named Shen Luo, who is a great martial arts emperor. He entered the Tao through martial arts and is already the best in the world. He opened up the other side of the martial arts. If you want to come to the other side of the martial arts, it must be here. In the void. As long as you find the other side of the martial arts, you can leave!”
Ning Qing and Ji Jue were overjoyed.
In the next few days, everyone kept looking around and saw Jiang Palace getting closer and closer, but they never found a new shore.
After Jiang Gong passed by, another seven or eight months passed, but the other side of martial arts was still not found.
Xu Ying also gradually became anxious. Even if Ji Jue applied some Buddhist magical powers to him, he could not stabilize him.
Suddenly, they saw a piece of light and fire in the void, drifting past Yingzhou.
Xu Ying was stunned and stared straight at the light going away. Within the light was a mysterious realm that could not be seen clearly from a distance.
This indefinite river has no place to settle, and it is also the other side that has not yet been opened up!
/“How could this happen?” Xu Ying murmured.
At this moment, a broken light came into view.
Xu Ying looked straight at the light floating in the void and murmured: “The Divine Bridge is the Divine Bridge! The Divine Bridge on Kunlun Mountain ends here!”
There is also a sacred bridge on Kunlun Mountain, which connects Yujing. However, the sacred bridge is broken, and the section leading to Yujing has disappeared without a trace.
If the divine bridge is broken, the Qi Refiner will not be able to enter Yujing.
The Xu family members who guard Yuxu Peak in Kunlun have practiced the secret method of immortality and can use this secret method to connect Shenqiao and Yujing.
This secret method is the Six Secrets of the Human Body, which is called the Nuo method.
“The Nuo method is a method that opens the secrets of the human body and leads directly to the other shore. How could the Kunlun Divine Bridge appear in the void on the other shore? Could it be that the divine bridge was originally on the other shore?”
Xu Ying suddenly thought of something, that is, when he stepped on the Divine Bridge, he was surrounded by void. The scene he saw was completely different from the scene he saw standing on Kunlun, as if he had entered a higher level space.
If you enter the Yuxu Palace in the Kunlun Realm, you will see that all the worlds are like duckweeds, floating on the sea, and the unive