ilently thought about returning to reality. , the body becomes transparent little by little, and finally disappears into the air.

When Wei Xiaobei woke up, he could smell the aroma of breakfast before he even opened his eyes.
“Master seems to be awake.”
“Master, Master.”
His arm was grabbed by soft little hands and shook twice.
When he opened his eyes, Zhu Xinyi was filled with concern.
But then again, my little hands are really soft.
Wei Xiaobei then enjoyed the services of his apprentice.
/Millet porridge, pot-sticker pancakes, red oil salted eggs, and pickles were served in front of Wei Xiaobei.
The fragrance is tangy to the nostrils and stimulates saliva in the mouth and tongue.
Of course, as a senior chef, Wei Xiaobei casually pointed out Zhu Xinyi’s cooking skills, especially the cooking of porridge. Wei Xiaobei has now reached a new level.
Zhu Xinyi couldn’t help but look at Wei Xiaobei with a bit of admiration in her eyes.
After breakfast, Wei Xiaobei went to buy some ceramic medicine bottles. After tinkering in the room for a while, he called Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun in.
“Xinyi, I remember that your birthday is coming soon, so this is an advance gift for you.”
With a smile on his face, Wei Xiaobei handed a small bag to Zhu Xinyi.
Zhu Xinyi took the small bag and was stunned for a while.
Zhu Xinyi knows this thing. It is Master’s favorite little treasure bag. Although she has never used it, Zhu Xinyi also knows that this thing has its own space inside and can store a lot of things. It is really a treasure.
Once upon a time, Zhu Xinyi also thought that it would be great if she could have such a treasure. Not to mention other things, it would be more convenient to put food, drink, and some of her own private things in it than to carry a big backpack. too much.
But now, the master suddenly handed over this treasure, saying it was a birthday gift for herself. This frightened Zhu Xinyi: “Master, this is not possible, this is too precious.”
“Whatever is precious, just take it when Master tells you to take it. I already have a new one.”
Wei Xiaobei flashed the watch on his left hand and smiled again: “There is something wrong with this little treasure bag and it cannot be bound. Do you feel disgusted with it?”
When Wei Xiaobei said this, Zhu Xinyi had to take the little treasure bag, but with uncontrollable joy on her face, she threw herself on Wei Xiaobei and said, “Master, this is mine Best birthday gift ever.”
“Okay, be serious.”
Wei Xiaobei’s face turned red as he pulled Zhu Xinyi off him and scolded her harshly. To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was really embarrassed. As a master, he must maintain the majesty of the master’s way. He always believed this.
/But Zhu Xinyi didn’t mind at all. Her mind was all on the little treasure bag. She quickly took out more than ten small porcelain bottles from the little treasure bag. She blinked curiously and asked, “Master, what is this?” ?”
“This is a thick porridge with barbecued meat, pickles and yin energy made for my master. It can be used to replenish