etely scrapped.

“Since there is no way to leave, then let’s fight!” he said softly.
/But he didn’t dare to take it lightly. He knew his own strength very well. In terms of skills, his skill with spears was definitely the best among the soldiers, but his strength was far different.
If the spear in his hand was not a second-grade weapon, even the surprise attack would not have been such an easy victory.
He didn’t know if the other party knew his true strength from the two escaped soldiers, but he needed to be prepared for a fight to the death.
He still remembers that when he was in Perrin City, a combat team of the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group blocked ten military soldiers with six soldiers and gained an absolute advantage.
David held a second-grade spear and walked slowly towards the direction behind him. There was a big corner there. He stood at the corner, preparing to stab.
There are six soldiers here, who came the fastest and have already reached the corner.
On the other side, there were about ten soldiers, who were a little slower than these six soldiers.
Of course, the two batches of soldiers were obviously compared over time. Perhaps it was because of the difference in strength that one was faster and the other was slower.
“Furness, there is an ambush on my side, be careful over there!” David warned Furness while preparing for battle.
“David, are you okay? I’ve lost track of my target. Send me your location and I’ll come over right away!” Furness shouted anxiously on the channel.
“I’m fine, call back later, I’m going to fight!” David sent the location and then disconnected the channel.
“David, David!” Furness shouted, but David’s voice was gone. He quickly checked David’s location and found that it was a bit far away from him. It would take at least ten minutes to reach him. Arrive.
This was also intentional by the Free Blades. They knew the identity of Furness, but they did not know the identity of David.
Since Galen Chaofan had not officially accepted David as his disciple and had not held a ceremony to announce it to all forces, this gave the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group the idea of ????revenge on David.
Otherwise, as an extraordinary disciple of Galen, at least within the sphere of influence of Naan City, no one would dare to openly attack David.
Even if the Freedom Blade mercenary group wanted to attack David, they would not call so many allies, because once the attack on Galen’s extraordinary disciple is leaked, government forces will carry out crazy revenge on the Freedom Blade mercenary group.
And Galen’s extraordinary anger is not so easy to bear.
Furness still doesn’t know who attacked David at this moment. If he knew, he could directly find the corresponding force at this moment.
David immediately disconnected the channel because the enemy had arrived.
Shadow Attendant was standing on the other side of the corner, watching six soldiers flying towards this side.
Even while running, they maintained their fighting formation. Among the six soldiers, as many as two had second-grade