ay, Lin Yuan was ready to complete the department’s tasks.

Since there are two apprentices taking care of the company’s affairs, a lot of time is freed up.
Lin Yuan thought for a while and simply handed the completed “Roger Mystery” to Jin Mu and asked him to contact Yinlan Library.
“Did you actually write a mystery?”
Jin Mu looked at the document of “Roger’s Mystery” sent by Lin Yuan with some astonishment.
He remembered that Lin Yuan had talked with him before about which subjects were more popular in the book market, and he accidentally mentioned the popular topic of mystery.
In the end, Kaneki didn’t expect that his boss would actually write a mystery novel in the end.
Just because this subject is relatively popular?
Although the reason didn’t sound wrong at first, Kaneki always felt that something was wrong.
But when he thought about the fact that Lin Yuan had three vests, each of which had outstanding achievements in different fields, he couldn’t even doubt it for a moment.
“Can I look back?”
As a mystery enthusiast, Jin Mu felt that he had a say this time.
Lin Yuan said.
Jin Mu smiled and didn’t rush to read. Instead, he called Yang Feng.
“Teacher Chu Kuang’s new book?!”
At that time, Yang Feng was working in the company.
After receiving Jin Mu’s call, Yang Feng became so excited that he couldn’t help shouting in the office.
“Chu Kuang’s new book?”
These four words seemed to have some kind of magic power, which instantly silenced the entire Fantasy Department of Silver Blue Library.
Then everyone silently put down what they were doing and looked at Yang Feng.
Since the completion of “Ghost Blowing the Lamp”, the fantasy department of Silver Blue Library has been secretly looking forward to Chu Kuang’s new book.
Everyone was also discussing with great interest what genre Chu Kuang would write this time.
Guess anything.
As we all know, Chu Kuang never writes novels of the same type. He is a unique pioneer!
“What type is it this time?”
Yang Feng swallowed and tried to ask calmly. This was the question that everyone in the department was most concerned about.
Having been Chu Kuang’s editor for so long, Yang Feng, who has experienced many years of experience, has made sufficient psychological preparations.
No matter what genre Chu Kuang writes this time, he will not be surprised.
“After all, I’ve been training for so long.”
Yang Feng thought proudly.
Kaneki said in a slightly weird tone: “Mystery novel.”
/The complacency on Yang Feng’s face gradually turned into astonishment, and he asked as if confirming: “Inference?”
Kaneki replied seriously: “Yes.”
Yang Feng’s eyes darkened, his mentality collapsed, and he looked a little disappointed and said: “reasoning”
He was mentally prepared, and it was normal for Chu Kuang to write about any subject. But when he learned the type of the new book, Yang Feng couldn’t help but lose his composure.
Not only Yang Feng couldn’t help it, but the editors in the entire fantasy department couldn’t help but be confused.