hear how he arranged it?”

Yang Xi shook his head and said: “Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu, don’t even think of getting information about ‘Xuanwu’ from me. You really think I’m stupid!”
/Wei Renwu sighed softly: “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. I already know who ‘Xuanwu’ is. He has exposed himself, but I have to admire him for being able to escape my eyes and lurk beside me for so long.”
Yang Xi said: “This is the difference between you and him. You can’t see through him, but he can see through you.”
“Then can you see through him?” Wei Renwu’s words confused Yang Xi. Indeed, no one in the “Fengshen Society” really knows Wu Wei. No one knows where he came from and why he joined the “Fengshen Society”. No one knows what he wants to achieve with everything he does for the “Feng Shen Hui”. Perhaps only the “Emperor of Heaven” can truly understand him, but the “Emperor of Heaven” has never mentioned it to everyone.
Wei Renwu continued: “Do you think he will really come to save you? How much value do you think you have to the ‘Feng Shen Hui’? A loser who completely ruined the ‘Baihu Hall’. In fact, you have been The Fengshenhui betrayed them and they didn’t want to save you. They didn’t want you to escape so that the police could have an excuse to shoot you. They just wanted you to die.”
“Fart!” Yang Xi panicked. The hand holding the gun began to tremble and the sweat on his forehead began to pour out. His original trust in the “Feng Shen Hui” was completely destroyed by Wei Renwu at this time. His spirit is still there. The reason why he didn’t completely collapse is because he has nowhere to go now. He must believe in the “Feng Shen Gui” because this is his glimmer of hope.
Here again I have to mention Wei Renwu’s method of playing with psychology. Wei Renwu understands the weaknesses of human psychology very well. He also knows exactly what language to use to break through the opponent’s psychological defense. Even a veteran like Yang Xi cannot defeat Wei Renwu. A powerful psychological suggestion.
Seeing that his words were working, Wei Renwu didn’t intend to give Yang Xi any mental respite, so he continued: “Stop being stupid. You just called me stupid. In fact, the stupidest person is yourself. You are stupid enough to believe Feng Xi.” Don’t you know what kind of people Shenhui’s people are? If you had cooperated with me earlier, things would never have developed to this point. It’s a pity that you didn’t choose me, you chose a desperate situation.”
Yang Xi took a step back. Despair showed in his eyes. He knew now in his heart that the “Feng Shen Hui” was unreliable. However, what he had done today, killing so many people and committing such a big crime, he could not do it again. Seeking protection from the police, no matter how you look at Yang Xi’s current situation, it is extremely unfavorable and can even be said to be hopeless.
Wei Renwu knew that Yang Xi’s mentality had hit rock bottom. This was exactly what Wei Renwu wanted to see.
When a person falls into a dry well and is on the verge of d