sband knew that he had done these things, I don’t think he would be willing to take a time bomb next to him and castrate him if he disagrees with you. No one can stand it.”

Zhang Xiaoting didn’t care and said lightly: “The castration is just to prevent these beasts from doing bad things after they go to hell.”
“But putting that thing in their own mouths is a bit outrageous.” Looking back now, Wei Renwu still feels that the scene was too disgusting. The man lying on the red bed now would have been killed if Wei Renwu and Yue Ming hadn’t arrived in time. He couldn’t escape this fate tonight.
“This is to let them taste the humiliation I suffered back then.” Zhang Xiaoting bit her lower lip and her voice became trembling.
/Wei Renwu couldn’t blame Zhang Xiaoting because everything Zhang Xiaoting did was out of revenge. What she suffered as a child was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Who is qualified to say that what she is doing now must be wrong?
Wei Renwu didn’t dare to discuss this topic anymore, so he said: “I can only find you by relying on the college student who has followed you many times.”
“Are you talking about the psychopathic stalker who has a crush on me?” Zhang Xiaoting asked doubtfully.
/“Oh? What did he find?” Zhang Xiaoting asked.
“He used to come to your milk tea shop to drink milk tea. To be honest, he did have a good impression of you, so he paid special attention to your behavior. But when he found out that you had been in frequent contact with some older men recently, his good impression of you disappeared. There is indeed a lot of suspicion here.” Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said helplessly. Originally, he thought that if Zhang Xiaoting was a good girl, she and the college student might be able to form a marriage, because he had met the college student when he came here, and he thought That college student is a good guy.
At this point, Yue Ming vaguely understood what Wei Renwu was talking about with the college student alone. At that time, they found Wei Renwu, the college student’s dormitory, and took the young man alone to the balcony to talk.
Zhang Xiaoting sighed softly: “It seems that I was careless and didn’t notice this person.”
Wei Renwu said: “Actually, his mentality is just jealousy when he comes into contact with other men. But what puzzles him the most is that in the process of following you, he found that none of the men you had contact with lasted more than a day, that is, What I saw today is that this man will be replaced tomorrow. More importantly, he saw you taking a man into this milk tea shop late at night. This is why I appear here.”
Zhang Xiaoting laughed and said: “It’s just one step away from me being able to complete my revenge plan, but in the end, you ruined it.” Zhang Xiaoting looked at the frightened “prey” on the bed and kept shaking her head to express her disappointment.
Wei Renwu slowed down his tone and said: “Tingting, don’t be like this. You are still very young and you still have a lot of time to enjoy yourself in the future. You s