mmortal magic, so why study it?

The sword light illuminates the body of the Five Ultimate Immortal King and his soul, and he can be killed in the next moment!
At this moment, the soul of the Five Jue Immortal King held up the twelve-layered tower in his hand, held up the treasure, and blocked it in front of the Five Jue Immortal King.
The doors of the twelve-story building were all opened, and the twelve Promise Brands each flew up, shining divine light in their eyes, commanding the clouds, and pointing their fingers into swords, they all pointed at the Killing Immortal Sword Qi!
When the Five Jue Immortal King taught Hua Cuoying the functions of the Immortal King’s most important treasure, he still held back and did not tell her more about the changes in the Twelfth Floor.
At this moment, facing the chance of life and death, he made a prompt decision and activated all the power of this important treasure.
The twelve Promise Brands are like the twelve Promise Spirits.
“Xu Ying, this is a magic weapon refined in your realm, didn’t you expect it?”
The Five Ultimate Immortal King was forced back continuously by the Zhuxian Sword Qi. Countless sword Qi exploded and shot out from his side, leaving many wounds on his body.
However, he showed no fear at all. Instead, he showed a sarcastic look: “You can’t believe that I have made you so strong that you can save my life today!”
The Yuan Shen above Xu Ying’s head jumped out, and one Qi transformed into three Qings, turning into three Yuanshen. The three Qings Yuanshen each used the Killing Immortal Sword Qi, thrusting out almost at the same time!
At this time, just when the front force of the twelve Promise Brands in the Twelve Layer Tower was exhausted and the back force had not yet arrived, the three Qing Yuanshen and the three Immortal Killing Sword Qi came to the forehead of the Five Ultimate Immortal King in an instant!
The Five Jue Immortal King showed fear on his face, and the soul behind him hurriedly reached out to block him. Whoosh, all five fingers of the soul were severed, and he was vulnerable to the Qi of the Killing Immortal Sword!
His eyebrows were split open and he was about to die under the Qi of the Zhuxian Sword!
/Only then did Xu Ying’s voice reach his ears: “Wu Jue, if I want to kill you, I can’t even save you!”
The Five Ultimate Immortal King was despairing. When he faced Xu Ying’s magical power, he felt a sense of despair that he could not stop it and would die in the next moment. Now when he faced Xu Ying’s magical power, he still had that familiar feeling of despair!
/The sword has reached the center of the eyebrows, and the chain of immortal runes is broken and collapsed.
Xu Ying’s magical powers at this time are more sophisticated than before, especially the Zhuxian sword energy, which has surpassed the artistic conception of the swords of the past.
After all, Xu Ying’s Sanqing Yuan Shen was transformed into Yi Qi. He was hit by the Immortal King’s supernatural power and made three bang bang sounds, turning into three rays of Yuan Q