junior student, and he is probably younger than me! As a result, when I was looking for a job everywhere, Xianyu was already with me. Dad Qu has fought for 300 rounds? I have embarrassed my alma mater!”

“I would like to call Mr. Xianyu the most terrifying composing genius in the history of Blue Star! He is as good as Lu Shen!”
“Teacher Xianyu is too low-key!”
“It seems that even if you really become Qu’s dad, you can only be Xiao Qu’s dad. There is no one younger than you.”
“Well, are you implying that Mr. Xianyu is short?”
“You are obviously a fish, why are you pretending to be a hen?”
“In an era when the word genius is so cheap that it is almost common, we never expected that we would actually see a real genius!”
“The teacher Xianyu in my fantasy is a mature uncle in his thirties or forties, but he turns out to be a college student, let alone a college student, which is quite exciting?”
“Pfft, Xianyu’s words are so wise!”
“This sentence is very well said!”
Just because Lin Yuan’s words are quite classic, many netizens are rushing to imitate them.
For example, a netizen named Jun Vchen said:
“I have a girlfriend and I think she tastes good. Why do I need to get to know her boyfriend?”
Another example is a netizen named Ba Ba丶 who said:
“If you grab a red envelope and think it’s good, why do you need to know the person who gave it to you?”
All kinds of saucy jokes are endless.
And tribal discussions are just the tip of the iceberg.
After Qin Yi’s official statement was released, the most lively place was actually not the tribe, but Qin Yi’s internal campus forum!
“So Xianyu is our alumnus!?”
“How can we believe that the little daddy we have been playing for so long is actually right next to us?!”
“Go and see who are the outstanding students in the school’s composition department. Teacher Xianyu must be hiding among them!”
“It’s over. As a composer major, everyone looks like a fish to me now.”
/“Have you not noticed? Now the whole school is discussing who is Xianyu!”
“How happy it is to be recognized as a fish.”
That’s true.
As soon as the school’s official statement came out, many students were wandering around the school, looking for fish everywhere, as if they could recognize them when they saw them.
Some students glance around when they eat in the cafeteria, always wondering if Xianyu is also eating in that cafeteria.
What’s more interesting is
The fish in the school cafeteria are inexplicably more popular than before, because there are rumors in the composition department that eating fish can improve the talent and ability of composers?
It’s a pity that these people cannot be found.
In such a huge campus, who knows where the fish are hidden?
Besides, this fish doesn’t go to school very much at all.
At this time, Lin Yuan was filming on the crew.
As the popular teacher Xianyu, Lin Yuan’s daily life in the crew is still the same as before. He just checks the filming situation and takes time every day to talk about composition to Feng Shuo who comes to class.
at this time.