n’t look back! Just now! While the main creators are here, you can play the song again immediately, and I want to see it! You are not satisfied after listening to it! I also want you to taste it carefully to see if I am too demanding. “

The producer whispered: “Isn’t it appropriate?”
Zheng Li said loudly: “There is nothing inappropriate.”
The producer had no choice but to turn on the projector, then turn on several speakers in the conference room, and play the song he had just received.
The projector is for viewing the lyrics.
It’s one thing to be dissatisfied with the songs. As for the various supporting packages such as lyrics, Xingmang’s service is still in place.
Music starts.
In the beautiful melody, an ethereal voice sounded:
“The waves silently submerged the night deeply
Overflowing the corner of the sky
Big fish swim through the gaps in dreams
/Staring at your sleeping silhouette”
Amidst the music, everyone looked at Zheng Li strangely.
Zheng Li shifted uncomfortably, and couldn’t help but pricked up her ears, her heart trembling slightly.
This song seems different from the one I sent before?
Is it such a coincidence?
“Look at the sea and the sky
Listen to the wind and rain
Hold the hand and blow away the vast mist
The wings of the big fish are already too wide
/I loosen the ropes of time”
The singing continued, but when the verse transitioned to the chorus, everyone had forgotten to look at the director.
Zheng Li, the director, doesn’t even care about the slap-in-the-face scene. She is waiting expectantly and nervously for the subsequent chorus:
“I’m afraid you’ll fly away
I’m afraid you’ll leave me
I’m even more afraid that you’ll stay here forever
Every drop of tear flows to you
The ocean floor flowing backwards into the sky

When the fish jumped over the dragon gate, he was dressed in pure white, but he never saw the little girl again.
“If you hadn’t crossed that dragon gate, you could have stayed with me.”
“But if you cross the dragon gate without any effort, how can I protect you?”
“It turns out that reunion is the beginning of the end.”
While the song was playing, the story script of “Dance of Fish and Dragon” actually appeared in Zheng Li’s mind, and several movie scenes she had decided on by herself vaguely appeared in front of her eyes.
Her eyes actually turned slightly red.
At this time, the piano paused, and the whistle suddenly sounded!
Like the sound of a dolphin, clear and thorough.
Everyone here seemed to have forgotten to breathe at this moment.
Be in the midst of it all.
They seemed to feel the vastness of the ocean, the blue sky over the sea, and the powerful impact of the waves.
when the song ends.
Everyone was sitting on their chairs, stunned.
It’s been a long time.
The producer murmured: “That’s why Qinzhou is the hometown of music for our Blue Star. This song is amazing.”
“What’s the name of this song?”
Everyone came to their senses and started chatting.
The producer said: “The title of the song is “Big Fish”.”
Everyone was happy but also