“I wipe!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Most of the front row reviews are positive.
“Readers who see this comment, I suggest you don’t read the online reviews, buy a copy of “Roger Mystery” and read it yourself. Then come back here after reading it. You will thank me for the reminder afterwards.”
“If only Poirot hadn’t retired here to grow pumpkins.”
“When I saw the ending, I was dumbfounded.”
/“No need to talk nonsense anymore, this is the kind of masterpiece that everyone must recommend, and if you don’t read it, you will regret your life.”
“It’s no exaggeration to say that I broke into a cold sweat when I saw the ending.”
“Old thief Chu Kuang deceived me so miserably! But no one is willing to be deceived again.”
“Whoever can guess the murderer in advance, please accept my praise!”
“Ahhhh! The murderer turned out to be Shepard!!!!”
“The person above is too immoral. I suggest the administrator to control the review. Once this book is spoiled, the reading experience will be directly reduced by 50%.”
“Someone actually liked this short review about spoilers. Are you serious?”
“Gentlemen, I like Poirot!”
Within a group of mystery writers.
The administrator suddenly said something: “Remind teachers who have not started watching “Roger Mystery” to remember to block the chat history, otherwise they will be spoiled and doubt their life.”
Some people follow the instructions skillfully, while others have a cat-like curiosity.
Then, for members of the unblocked group, I saw many writers who usually don’t talk about it come out, all discussing “Roger’s Mystery”
“Yinlan Bookstore’s propaganda is waterless. I’ve taken it seriously. It has really created a new genre!”
“A unique creative technique in the history of mystery novels.”
“The case can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and the murderer is basically unguessable. Chu Kuang made a text trap to fool the readers, but this novel is the kind of novel that even if you are fooled, you can’t help but be shocked when you see the ending. ”
“Stop talking, I have inspiration for my next book.”
“Not only are you inspired for your next book, I guess many authors in the circle are also inspired.”
“If this kind of writing becomes popular, readers will be pissed off if they read too much!”
This group member who did not block the group out of curiosity sent an ellipsis: “How can I read this book?”
Suddenly, an unkind “hahahahaha” +1 mark appeared in the group.
Due to some kind of repeater nature, or maybe due to obsessive-compulsive disorder, this person could only tearfully click “+1”.
The cat was killed by curiosity.
Other novels knew in advance that the readability would drop by at least 30%.
And “Roger’s Mystery” was spoiled in advance, and the readability was reduced by about 50%.
Murder to the reading experience is fatal!
This is a storm of reasoning. So far, no one doubts the evaluation of Chu Kuang in Yinlan Bookstore’s promotion of “creating a new type of reasoning”!
That’s right, this indeed opens up a new way of writing.
The murd