dance is indeed more in line with the music theme. Your dance design ability is really amazing. Is this the dance you designed based on the song “Peacock”?”

It’s incredible!
How many days has this song been released?
Xianyu was able to design such a classic dance based on this song in just a few days, which of course shocked him!
Frank has no doubt:
This dance will definitely cause a huge shock in the circle in the future, and Xianyu’s name will once again be heard in the Blue Star dance world!
/Lin Yuan could only respond like this.
Yun Tongtong next to him suddenly smiled bitterly:
“I asked you, are you overestimating me? There are only three days left before the official start of the competition. How can I restore the charm of Teacher Xianyu’s dance in three days?”
Lin Yuan has system props that can help Tongtong solve this problem: “Just practice and I will help you master it.”
“I really can’t do it!”
“If I say you can do it, you can do it.”
Lin Yuan was too lazy to talk nonsense: “Now start learning the moves from me. Teacher Frank will work hard here and lead the team to adjust the stage design according to this dance. We will discuss the specific effects later.”
Dancing alone is not enough.
On the surface, dance and singing seem to be independent arts, but in fact, dance seems dull without music. The combination of music and dance will make the stage more exciting. Therefore, when singers sing, most of them will not lack the presence or even presence of backup dancers around them. It is a group dance embellishment, which requires the artistic expression of the two to be unified and combined, so that the two arts can achieve each other. If the combination is not good enough, then it is better to sing without dancing on the stage.
Frank gets excited!
Although this dance has nothing to do with him anymore, it was created by Xianyu after all, but it is also an extremely exciting thing for him to be able to make the stage debut of this classic dance!
Lin Yuan wants to redesign the stage effects.
And all the major teams have already sent out to inquire about the news.
Many people will have trouble sleeping and eating if they don’t understand the reason why Xianyu came here.
Someone got the news.
All parties knew the reason why Xianyu suddenly came to the recording scene.
“I asked the director.”
“Xianyu is indeed Qinzhou’s foreign aid.”
“Dead, dead, dead!”
“I haven’t finished what I’m saying. Xianyu is indeed Qinzhou’s foreign aid, but he’s not here to be a composer, let alone a singer. He’s here to check Qinzhou’s stage effect design.”
“Damn it, can you please stop gasping when you talk?”
“You almost gave me a heart attack.”
“But what’s the point of controlling stage effects? Does Xianyu even know this?”
“What the hell, dancing? I really didn’t expect this!”
“I came here as a dancer or choreographer.”
“That’s okay.”
“It’s not a big problem, it’s just a false alarm.”
“Every continent is now inviting the top ten people on the dance charts to come and h