sed, both purple fireballs and black ice arrows were annihilated by the huge sword light.

Annabelle Templar seemed to have the upper hand, eliminating all attacks from the enemy with one against two, but she knew in her heart that she must be careful when dealing with the two level five Zerg.
Don’t look at Annabelle Templar sending out ten huge sword lights at once. In fact, without the infinite energy provided by the ‘War Space’, with her strength, she can send out at most two huge sword lights with that power at a time. .
Fighting in the ‘war space’ is like turning on a cheat device.
When Annabelle Templar thought that the ‘Purple Flame Beetle’ and ‘Black Ice Beetle’ would continue to attack, the strange thing was that the two level five Zerg stopped attacking Annabelle Templar.
“Heaviside, what’s going on with these bugs? They are not as impulsive as the rumors say, but they seem to be acting very steadily!” Annabelle Templar strangely asked the fifth-level priest of Heaviside during the contact. road.
“I will report to Bishop McKinley right now that the fifth-level Zerg have obviously accepted the command of a stronger being!” the fifth-level priest of Heaviside said in a deep voice.
The moment he said these words, several level 5 powerhouses connected to the liaison circle became silent.
The meaning of the fifth-level priest of Heaviside is very obvious, that is, there are beings stronger than the fifth-level Zerg participating in this war. The level of this war exceeds the previously predicted fifth level.
It’s not that the Temple of War has never studied the Zerg. Through the contact with Battle Star, they have conducted extremely in-depth research on the Zerg.
The Zerg battle is extremely simple. A large number of mid- and low-level Zerg charge, using their lives to make up for the gap in levels. After breaking through the defense, powerful Zerg will join in to cause complete destruction.
But the Zerg who came this time behaved extremely cunningly, completely lacking the impulsiveness and ignorance of the Zerg in the data.
Even the actions of the fifth-level Zerg are very organized. At first glance, they are organized and commanded. Those who can command the fifth-level Zerg must be stronger Zerg.
Whether it is a legendary Zerg, a demigod Zerg, or even a god-level Zerg, it will increase the level of this war to an unknown height.
The ‘Stone Beetle’ also received news from the Zerg. Although the ‘war space’ is rarely arranged, it is not a particularly important secret. There are records of the ‘war space’ in the inheritance of some Zerg.
But as long as a small number of Zerg survive, the memory of these Zerg’s ‘War Space Array’ will be recorded in their genetic inheritance when they give birth to the next generation.
Generations of Zerg have been passed down in this way, memorizing a large amount of information about the divine world and the interstellar federation.
/These genes were inherited under the orders of the ‘Mother Queen’ and were collected and organized by the intelligent Zerg to fo