curiosity of the students, Professor Wang returned to the podium.

He still holds “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” in his hand:
“I know what you are thinking. I really don’t like martial arts novels. The focus of martial arts is on the word “xia”. However, 99% of the martial arts novels on the market only focus on fighting and killing. They focus on the word “Martial”, but they don’t know that Xia uses martial arts to break the ban. The so-called vigorous and vigorous grudges are just a grass-roots team called Jianghu. They have no king’s laws and only have self-restraint moral standards. Sometimes they are right. , but it is not right every time, but they always think that they are right. This kind of idealistic moral standard can easily teach children bad things. The kind of self that is revealed inadvertently is cheaply dubbed a chivalrous name. That’s the scariest thing.”
The conversation changed.
Professor Wang continued: “However, there are also a small number of martial arts novels that understand that chivalry is the focus of martial arts, such as Setting Sun, such as Duan Qingshan and other martial arts masters, and Chu Kuang’s “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, and even Chu Kuang’s novel The artistic conception of chivalry and its excellent literary realm are better than those of Zhao Zhou and the two Taishan Beidou. This is my personal opinion, but I believe people in the literary world will agree.”
“Do you think “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is literature?”
Some students in the audience spoke in shock.
Although everyone also likes “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, is it a bit exaggerated to include a fantasy novel in the ranks of literary works?
It seems that everyone likes those fast-paced and refreshing online articles.
But I like it.
Internet writing is Internet writing, and literature is literature. The two cannot be confused, and readers know this well.
“I think it is.”
/Professor Wang smiled faintly: “When I say this sentence, I may receive some criticism, but I insist on this. Why don’t you answer me a question first, do you know the Five Ultimates?”
/The students in the audience spoke one after another.
Almost everyone in the literature department has read “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
Everyone’s interest in this kind of class far exceeds the knowledge in books!
As for the five unique skills?
Anyone who has read this book will know about the top masters in the world such as Eastern Evil, Western Poison, Southern Emperor and Northern Beggar.
“very good.”
Professor Wang placed “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” on the podium:
“Then do you know why Huang Yaoshi is Dongxie, why Ouyang Feng is Xidu, why Master Yideng is Southern Emperor, and why Hong Qigong is Northern Beggar? Why are they not called Dongdu, Xixie, etc., but they are This direction now?”
The students looked at each other.
Why is it Eastern Evil and Western Poison?
Didn’t Chu Kuang come up with this stuff casually?
Isn’t it because it sounds more rhyming when read this way and gives the mos