ou calligrapher Mo Xin joins the Geek Tribe!”

“Many platforms have extended olive branches to celebrities from all walks of life!”
All kinds of news keep coming out!
Although there are many celebrities in it who are not the top celebrities, most of them have good fan appeal!
Netizens from all over the world discussed excitedly:
“That’s awesome! Is the geek tribe really going to take over the world?”
“I heard that my brother might also join the Geek Tribe. If he wants to come, I will come!”
“There seems to be action on other platforms as well.”
“I saw it, Yan Shu is trying to attract celebrities.”
“So does Twitter.”
“There’s a war between major platforms to grab people!”
“Currently, there seems to be no news from the top big guys in various fields. They all seem to be waiting and watching.”
“It would be crazy if three gay friends also came to the Geek Tribe!”
“Then give up. The relationship between the three gay friends and the tribe is too bad. Unless all the tribe members leave the Geek Tribe, but we don’t know that this is impossible. Lingkong seems to be still a high-ranking member of the Geek Tribe.”
Blue Star Music.
Many celebrities who are familiar with each other are communicating.
“I have been invited by several platforms.”
/“Me too.”
“Have you decided where to go?”
“Then let’s wait and see.”
“If the platform we are staying on gets cold in the future, you will have to go if you don’t want to.”
“If there is such a day, then all my fans will definitely go, and I will definitely go with them.”
“Is there no activity on the blog?”
“The blogger has just contacted me, and I think they will find you soon. They have been poaching people, but today the intensity has suddenly increased. Each company is fighting for people.”
Blue Star Film and Television Circle.
The actors and directors were chatting.
“The news said that Lao Xia went to the Geek Tribe. What conditions did they promise?”
“An investment in your next movie.”
“You are the director, and the most valuable thing now are the stars in front of the stage.”
“The film and television industry is dominated by directors and screenwriters, but actors have many fans and are worth more than us directors and screenwriters in the competition. This is determined by the work model, but truly top directors and screenwriters have more fans than actors. ”
“That’s true.”
“I’ll take another look and consider blogging. After all, they are second only to the Geek Tribe, and they also kindly invited me.”
“I might as well blog.”
“Didn’t you already go to the Geek Tribe?”
“Who stipulated that I can only stay on one platform to play in the future? The geek tribe would not dare to be so overbearing. Unless someone like Lao Xia gets the investment case from Zhongzhou Capital, it would be inconvenient to do this.”
“Haha, you can still play like this, eating the food in the bowl and looking at the food in the pot.”
Blue Star Calligraphy and Painting Circle.
It’s just as lively here.
“It’s okay to compete for s