rt the laws and find ways to crack the loopholes and paradoxes in the theory. The writing is full of humor and tension.

Some might say.
of course not.
People who have watched the Marvel series of movies should know that the release order of the Marvel series of movies is not equal to the chronological order of the stories.
The same goes for the Galactic Empire series.
In other words:
This is the real reason why Lin Yuan decided to write “I, Robot”.
The Galactic Empire series is too long.
It’s time for Lin Yuan to give him a start.
Isn’t Weizhou science fiction writer Fan Chong’s new book composed of six stories connected in series?
Lin Yuan’s “I, Robot” has nine stories, the first six of which follow Fan Chong.
The extra three are not wasted.
Just used it to compete with three other writers who started a literary fight.
Think of this.
Lin Yuan exchanged the energy potion and officially started writing.
If you want to complete a long novel quickly, it is necessary to exchange energy potions.
It is said that if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will never be in danger in a hundred battles.
Lin Yuan has read many science fiction novels by Blue Star, including the robot direction.
In Blue Star science fiction at this time, robots still exist as imaginary enemies of mankind in the future.
The extreme idea is that robots will develop high-level intelligence, resist human slavery, and launch a war against humans.
Or they are worried and afraid that “robots will threaten humans”.
It’s not just science fiction writers who think so.
Film and television works including the Blue Star robot theme have basically adopted this setting unanimously, with occasional subversions, but there is no general direction that deviates from this idea.
The great thing about Asimov is:
He wants to control the potential threat of robots from the source.
Robots are just industrial products made by engineers. The three laws are the roots of robots. Protecting humans is the core safety mechanism after robots are created, so they will not pose a threat to humans.
Sounds simple.
But therein lies the interesting point of this novel.
Because accidents are bound to happen, even if they are constrained by the three laws, robots are not as flexible as human brains after all, and there will be loopholes of one kind or another, forming a typical prisoner’s dilemma.
And when Lin Yuan started writing.
/Very unexpected.
This time, the majority of people online support Chu Kuang, and few fans cause trouble!
Chu Kuang’s blog comment section.
“Old thief, you must not fall here. There are still three more behind you who haven’t taken action yet!”
“Believe me, old thief!”
“Although the old thieves often abuse us, this time it’s no joke. Fan Chong’s level is really high!”
“Fan Chong is so good at writing robots.”
“Fan Chong’s famous work is the robot series. After he became famous, he no longer took robots as his main creative direction. This time he suddenly wanted to write about robots again. It must be because he has a