Kuang is really good at editing! “

“The lyrics are so hot!”
“Most of Fish Daddy’s songs have been widely covered by singers in the Blue Star music scene, but I feel that this song was not intended to leave any chance for covers.”
“Reminds me of “Never Left” by Yu Daddy.”
“It’s as exciting to listen to as this song “Unpronounceable Song”, but it’s totally impossible to sing along because we are normal human beings and can’t live in the water without breathing like fish.”
The difficulty is full!
Excellent quality!
Full of singing!
The popularity of this song exceeded countless people’s expectations!
Someone in the comments section even marked out which characters the lyrics corresponded to!
Even at home.
Lin Yuan could also hear his mother playing this song outside, and he was dazzled by it!
Mom said regretfully: “What a pity!”
My sister was stunned: “What’s a pity?”
My younger sister was unconvinced: “Is there anything inappropriate about this song?”
My mother smacked her lips: “My son’s new song sounds good anywhere, but it’s a pity that it’s not suitable for square dance music. The choreography is a bit too difficult!”
Lin Yuan laughed.
How dare you think about it.
/Use this song with square dance?
Then he has to worry about his mother’s waist.
Didn’t the guy in the comments section say that the sewing machine pedal under his feet started to smoke when he listened to this song?
As for the difficulty of singing this song?
In fact, some people in China do try to cover it.
I have to say that all the covers are a little less interesting than Chow Wakin’s version.
However, Lin Yuan feels that his version is not bad. He has always been very confident in his singing skills.
Silver Blue Library.
Fantasy department.
The editors also finished listening to the song.
“The title of the song should be taken from the saying: Every family has its own scriptures that are difficult to recite.”
“This is not a sutra that is difficult to recite. This is a song that is invincible and difficult to sing.”
“Going to KTV tonight?”
“I’m afraid I’ll get my ears dirty.”
“To say that the person who understands Chu Kuang best is Xianyu.”
“Nan Murong and Bei Qiao Feng, I laughed out loud when I watched this episode. They are quite good at cheating on each other sometimes. The connotation of the old villain’s yin and yang is weird.”
“I’ll see who dares to cover this song.”
“Look online, someone from Yu Dynasty sang a cover!”
/The singers of Yu Dynasty actually sang the cover, and each one rushed to post their own cover video.
Zhao Yingke sang two climaxes before shouting: “I’m not in that state anymore.”
Chen Zhiyu: “How to breathe through this song?”
Jiang Kui: “I’m sure I can do it. If I don’t, I’m a waste.”
Xia Fan also came: “Old fellows, pay attention, I’m singing the cover of “The Hard to Recite Sutra” live here, you are my little little apple.”
Wei Yuanyun: “Forget it, “The Most Dazzling Ethnic Style” suits me.”
All right.
In fact, people like Yu Dynasty can master this song afte