This is true not just in the music industry, but in every industry.
Under such circumstances, there are many people who hope that something will go wrong with Xianyu.
/The atmosphere was a little weird for a while, and then everyone continued to talk and laugh, as long as this kind of thing was tacitly understood.
However, Lin Yuan could clearly feel:
The attitude of other Qu dads towards me seems to be a little more enthusiastic than before.
“It’s too early to say that.”
Zheng Jing looked around and muttered: “Everyone hasn’t arrived yet.”
But that’s okay.
They will hear it.
Zheng Jing pulled Xianyu with a smile and joined in the chat.
And this matter is at the entrance of the golden hall.
The red carpet is already buzzing with activity.
Many celebrities appeared on the red carpet.
“The two singing kings of Qinzhou!”
“The singer from Qizhou is here too!”
“Look at Chuzhou’s most popular film and television star recently. His legs are all on the red carpet. The heat of the Golden Hall smells so good.”
“Pfft, this is stupid!”
“Director Wang from Pulling Capital!”
“Everyone knows that Director Wang likes music and listens to performances at the Golden Hall several times every year.”
“Is that the prince at the back, Wang Dong’s son?”
“He is indeed Wang Dong’s son, but the guy next to Wang Dong’s son looks familiar.”
“It’s Lingkong, the prince of the tribe!”
Some reporters exclaimed that Ling Kong, whose identity was recently revealed, was actually here.
Lingkong is very handsome and greets the camera with a smile.
Suddenly a slightly cold voice sounded: “Give me a moment.”
Ling Kong frowned, looked back, coughed, and silently moved away.
This was an aunt he couldn’t afford to offend.
His father Ling Zhou is here, which can make him a little more polite.
“This bitch has such a bad temper, and she dresses in such a slutty way, why don’t she just debut in a girl group?”
Dong Wang’s son next to Lingkong pouted.
“Prince, please keep your voice down.”
Lingkong looked a little embarrassed and said, how many girl groups can this guy buy, and he even debuted in a girl group.
The prince snorted: “I’m not afraid of her.”
Lingkong is getting more and more embarrassed. Are you afraid of me?
This woman who makes Ling Kong fearful is about 20 years old. She has a frightening appearance. She is wearing a floor-length black dress. The skirt is inlaid with countless pearls. The necklace around her neck almost blinds people’s eyes. She appears almost as soon as she appears. It attracted a lot of attention from reporters!
“A rose with thorns among the top ladies in Central Continent.”
“What kind of socialite is she? Which socialite is as powerful as her?”
This woman is not simple.
And when Lilia walked quickly down the red carpet, a girl next to her smiled and said, “Do you have any grudge against that little second-generation kid from the tribe?”
“Then why are you fighting him?”
“He blocked my photographer.”
There are so many reporters around, why do you bring your