ain-like figure emerged from the distance and shouted from a distance: “The editor-in-chief asked Miss Lin Xuan to come to our fantasy department!”

Lu Bei frowned.
Old Xiong had already rushed to Lin Xuan and said with a smile: “I am the editor-in-chief of the youth fantasy department. You can call me Old Xiong. Come and be our deputy editor. I have long disliked the original deputy editor. Got it!”
“We are short of people in the magazine department!”
Another figure appeared, and it was You Rong from the Silver Blue Magazine Department.
He also rushed in front of Lin Xuan and squeezed Lao Xiong aside: “Hello, I am the editor-in-chief of “Fun Reading”. Our department welcomes you to join. I think the position of deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine is very suitable for you. !”
Everyone in Lingchuan’s eyes widened, and their heads couldn’t turn around.
Han Xiao even doubted life!
Luxury car transfer
Editor-in-Chief Reception
Editor-in-chief grabs people
Are you not here for me?
/But for Lin Xuan?
What kind of divine treatment is this!
Could it be that Lin Xuan is the daughter of Boss Yinlan?
Lin Xuan didn’t know how she should react. She was probably dreaming, but she didn’t dare to be too arrogant in the dream. She could only say: “I listen to the company’s arrangements.”
“Then let’s go to the editor-in-chief first.”
Lu Bei glanced at Lao Xiong and You Rong, and said with a smile: “The Editor-in-Chief’s Office is in charge of the overall situation. I am your direct leader. You can slowly understand the situation of each department. After a while, you will make a decision and choose the one you like. As long as you are in the department, of course you can stay if you like the editor-in-chief’s office.”
In the Editor-in-Chief’s Office, the position is not high, but the power is great. He is almost the spokesperson of the Editor-in-Chief, and the Editor-in-Chief of each department must be treated with courtesy!
Lin Xuan said.
Don’t take some things seriously. This dream is quite beautiful, a bit scary. Just wake up later.
Lu Bei glanced at the others and said with a smile: “Han Xiao can become the editor-in-chief of our science fiction department. I wonder what Mr. Han Xiao’s business is like?”
“Thank you, Editor-in-Chief Lu!”
Han Xiao said quickly, a little excited. He was the editor-in-chief in Lingchuan, but he could only be the editor-in-chief at Yinlan Library.
But for Han Xiao, he would rather choose to be the editor-in-chief of Yinlan Library!
Because there is a complete difference between working in Yinlan and working in Lingchuan!
Thinking of Lin Xuan directly entering the editor-in-chief’s office, his excitement was suddenly diluted a lot, and he only had one thought in his heart: “Lin Xuan definitely has a backing, and she must take good care of her in the future!”
This backstage can be very scary!
Nonsense, can someone without a backing support Yinlan Library like an aunt?
The editor-in-chief personally received him. This behavior almost announ