oadcast room was filled with laughter.

Sun Yaohuo ignored anyone and just sat by the pavilion minding his own business.
The camera focuses on him.
Everyone stared at him.
After adjusting the microphone beside his mouth, Sun Yaohuo’s voice suddenly sounded:
“Fifty strings of brocade strings for no reason! Each string and one column misses the golden years! Zhuang Sheng is obsessed with butterflies in his dawn dream! Looking at the Emperor’s spring heart, he cares for the cuckoo! There are tears in the moonlight in the sea! The sun is warm in Lantian and the jade is smoke! This feeling can be remembered! It was only at that time! Wandering! Ran!”
Li Shangyin appears!
No planning ahead!
/There is no reciter who can express both his voice and his emotions!
Sun Yaohuo’s voice was only angry and hoarse!
Especially the last three words, Sun Yaohuo almost said them through gritted teeth!
His voice seemed to echo!
Everyone felt the artistic conception and beauty of this poem, and subconsciously chewed on these words!
at the same time.
The literati in other pavilions opened their mouths wide!
On the judges’ bench.
The seven judges were stunned!
In the live broadcast room.
The audience’s faces were full of astonishment and shock. This is a perfect chapter that ordinary people can instantly understand the artistic conception!
And in the center of the field.
Director Huang’s expression was full of surprise!
It’s written! ?
Xianyu really wrote it! ?
With the theme of love, this is a perfect love poem, which is several realms higher than Bianhuan!
The difference between candlelight and bright moon!
Shu Ziwen was in a daze and said to himself: “I just took advantage of the free choice of topics.”
His words never fell.
Sun Yaohuo’s voice sounded again!
“Speechless, I went up to the west building alone, the moon was like a hook. The lonely phoenix tree locked deep in the courtyard locked in the autumn. The constant cutting, the chaos, is the sadness of divorce. The feeling of separation is still in my heart.”
Happy meeting!
This time it’s not poetry.
Like the flat ring, words are written!
Sun Yaohuo’s voice was a little calmer than before.
However, his voice is still full of power, even if the poem does not need to be recited aloud
Goosebumps covered the literary man’s body!
Shu Ziwen swallowed the rest of his words abruptly!
Several judges began to feel a little unable to sit still, swaying their buttocks, as if the chair under their buttocks was a bit painful?
He Qinghuan stood there and looked at the judges.
He wanted to know how long they would dare to sit there!
He won’t sit!
Because he doesn’t dare!
Because he feels he is not worthy!
This was the reason why he never wanted to sit down after coming back from Xianyu!
I don’t know when the barrage started, but it quietly calmed down.
Director Huang did not look at Sun Yaohuo again, but suddenly turned his head and looked at Lin Yuan, who had a calm look on his face!
Could it be