“I do think so.”
The man on the other end of the phone said angrily: “The sponsorship of the Blue Star Spring Festival Gala is so popular, there are a lot of big guys competing, not to mention that this year’s Spring Festival Gala is still in charge of Zhongzhou, and the sponsors are all local companies in Zhongzhou, so it is not my turn to get involved. ”
“Then this year’s sponsor is”
“Why do you ask?”
“I may have to attend the Spring Festival Gala this year. I want to find out what’s going on.”
“I almost forgot that you are a singer. If you ask me, how can you be a star with your wealth?”
The other party sighed with emotion, and then said: “There are several sponsors this year, and you know one of them. We have dined in Qinzhou before, and that is Director Zhang. His background is not simple, and he is a rich local in Zhongzhou. ”
“Okay, thank you, Brother Mu!”
“Don’t just thank me, the hotel has reserved a room for me. I will go there next month and ask for the “Spring Trees and Autumn Frost”!”
“I understand, I understand!”
Sun Yaohuo made a few more calls and finally contacted someone:
“Is it Director Zhang? I am Sun Yaohuo. Xiao Sun, we had dinner together last time.”
“Hey, it’s you. I said who is so powerful? Find a group of people to contact me. What’s the matter?”
“I would like to know the rough list of performers for this year’s Spring Festival Gala.”
“I didn’t know, I was one of the sponsors.”
“I heard that Director Zhang seems to be very interested in Teacher Shadow’s paintings.”
/“Do you have a connection!?”
The other party’s voice suddenly became serious.
Sun Yaohuo smiled and said: “Teacher Shadow doesn’t take action easily, but I can try.”
“The list is given to you, it’s just a rough list.”
/The other party lowered his voice: “I don’t care what you want to do, this matter has nothing to do with me.”
Soon Sun Yaohuo received a list.
He looked at it and narrowed his eyes slightly: “There are a lot of people in Zhongzhou. Aren’t the Zhongzhou director team afraid of being poked in the back by the public?”
“Haha, you don’t know this, right?”
The other party teased: “Although there are the most people from Central Continent, half of them are not just from Central Continent.”
Sun Yaohuo narrowed his eyes: “Double continental origin?”
“Yes, they are from Zhongzhou. They could also be from Qin, Qi, or Zhao. They can be anyone. With their Shuangzhou origins there, how can you still deny their hometown?”
“The Painting of Shadows”
“Director Zhang, wait until I hear the news.”
Sun Yaohuo hung up the phone, his eyes turning cold.
Then Chang An always puts the overall situation first, talks about righteousness, and kidnaps all kinds of morals, but his feelings have no morals at all?
How can a person without morals be kidnapped by morality?
In this list, the number of stars from different continents is indeed balanced, but that’s because many people have bi-continental citizenship!
This move is extremely clever!
So clever that Chang An is not a